Jigsaw Puzzles

These puzzles have beach scenes, seashells, and images of all things from the sea. While on a beach vacation, it’s fun to set up a puzzle for those times when it rains. These puzzles are perfect for any seaside condo, rental property, or coastal home.

White sand dollars jigsaw puzzle for adults or kids.
8×10, 110 pieces
Florida seashells jigsaw puzzle for adults.
11×14, 252 pieces
New Smyrna Beach in Florida is the image on this puzzle with two places for text.
11 x 14, 252 pieces – or change it
Shark’s eye seashell photo puzzle.
Shark’s Eye shell – 8×10, 110 pieces

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Puzzle with sand dollar and seashells photography in natural colors.
8×10 inches, 110 pieces
Photo template, seashells and beach sand puzzle with text and medium size pieces.
Photo template puzzle, 8×10, 110 pieces
Big starfish puzzle with tropical beach scene.
8×10 in., 110 pieces
Kids seashell puzzle with big pieces and photo of lightning whelk shells.
11×14 inches, 30 oversized pieces
Juvenile Horse Conch shell – 110 pieces
Seashells and sea life puzzle for kids with big pieces.  Pink conchs, a sea star and junonia shells make up this fun sea life design.
Puzzle for Kids – 30 oversize pieces
Photo puzzle with template to add your own photo.
Your photo, custom puzzle
Two frosty cocktails sitting on the beach is the image on this jigsaw puzzle.
11×14 inches, 252 pieces – Drinks in Paradise!
Sea urchin and Florida seashells puzzle with real shells from the beach.
8×10 inches, 110 pieces
Beautiful seashells in white sand photography puzzle with sea urchin, spotted and spiral Florida beach shells.
11×14 in., 252 pieces
Illustrated conch shells puzzle is a colorful design featuring a pink conch and fighting conch.
8×10 inches, 110 pieces
Puzzle with lightning whelk seashells and other pretty Florida beach shell.
11×14 inches, 252 pieces
30 big pieces, 11×14 inches
Tropical still life puzzle with Hawaiian flowers and pineapples image over a striped background.
11×14 – 252 pieces
Beach dunes puzzle showing an old boardwalk and low tide along Ponce Inlet in Florida.
8×10, 110 pieces
Beach scene jigsaw puzzle.  Sea dunes at Ponce Inlet with lighthouse in the background.
11×14 inches, 252 pieces
Kids puzzle with underwater illustration of colorful clownfish swimming past coral.
Clownfish puzzle with big pieces for kids
Cross-barred venus clam shells puzzle with blue pottery background.
8×10 inches, 110 pieces

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