Summer Fun To Wear

Get ready for summer! We offer fun designs on tops and tees, espadrilles, wristwatches, and kitchen aprons. They all have tropical, or beach themed designs. A love for the sea is our specialty, and the designs here are personal illustrations and unique graphics.

Women’s Espadrilles

These slip on summer shoes, made by Ubuntu, have been a lot of fun designing. Customers can further change the look of the design by changing the background color on the outside and the inside color.

Pale mint espadrilles with seashell pattern in white outlines.
Pink flamingo espadrilles.  Beach shoes to slip on for summer.
Sea turtle and sea horse pattern espadrilles.
Crabs and lobsters design slip on espadrille shoes.
Aqua blue starfish espadrilles.
Summer slip on beach shoes for men in dark gray and blue with spider crabs pattern.
Ubuntu espadrilles for men in khaki green color with spider crabs pattern.

Summer Tops and Tees

Choose a favorite design and then select a favorite style top. The selection for women, men, and children will appear on each product page.

Tropical camping tee with silver trailer, aqua blue chairs and flamingos.  A line of text to customize.
Hawaiian plumeria / frangipani flowers tee with custom text.  Create for bridal party members or wear everyday without text.
Illustrated stand-up paddle boarding t-shirt for girls and women.  Dog and sea turtle tropical SUP design.
Stand up paddle boarding t-shirt with illustrated girl on her purple board, in turquoise water with sea turtle.
Sea crabs crawl up the front of simple tees for men or women.
Sea crabs unisex tees – sold separately
Red lobster seafood business restaurant advertising tee with text on front and back.
Front and back design and text – perfect for a business
Baby girl one-piece with little sailboat design and place for her name.
Baby boy sailboat tee with place for his name.
Hat for business advertising
Sea turtle hat with custom text.  Illustrated design with aqua blue text.  Add a business, non-profit name of a company or group.

Aprons For Guys, Gals and Kiddies

Baking and cooking is big these days and especially in the summer when family gatherings are happening. Get yourself, or someone you love, a fun apron printed in a theme they will appreciate.

Apron with name and all over saltwater fish design for a fisherman who likes to grill his catch.
Grillmaster apron with all over pattern of burgers on gray.  Long apron with text at the top for his name is perfect for bbq.
Chartreuse kitchen apron with sand dollars design.  Add her name to the top and choose from five colors.
Sand dollar apron has five colors to choose from.
Flamingos kitchen apron in light blue with place for her name.  Flamingos and starfish design at top and bottom of bib apron with pink ties.
Flamingo apron with color selections.

Kitchen aprons for young chefs

Children will appreciate having their own special aprons. Learning to cook and bake can be more fun when donning a cute and fun apron. Personalize our bib aprons with his / her name. Easily change the color of the straps.

Child’s apron in pink with flamingos design and place for a name or saying, “Let’s bake!"
Clown fish apron for kids.  Under the sea, blue water and fish design is perfect for boys, but suitable for girls.  Name can be added in bright green.

Wristwatches With Tropical Designs

The watch face design easily transfers to other watch bands. Shown here are just a few of the band styles offered. Watches come in sizes for adults and children and make great gifts.

Drinks on the beach wristwatch with, “Meet me in paradise” saying.  Gold band in one of many designs to choose from.
“Meet me in paradise”
Ocean scene wristwatch with white sand dollar and crashing ocean waves.  Customize with your choice of watch band for men or women.

Kids watch with illustrated sea turtles on the face.
Purple wristwatch for kids with surfboards design and place for a name.  More band colors and styles.

Socks With Tropical Designs

Socks are made with polyester, cotton and spandex. Choose from two sizes: Small (US woman size 5-9 / US men size 5-7) or Large (US women size 10-14, US men size 8-13).

Pair of socks in pink with starfish and Hawaiian flowers design
Aqua blue socks with seashells and flowers pattern.
Tacky Florida lawn flamingos pattern socks.
Tacky Florida lawn flamingos patterned socks
Novelty pair of socks with photo template pattern to cover both pair.
Photo pattern socks – upload a favorite photo!

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