Decorative throw pillows for indoor (cotton) or outdoor (polyester) use with a beach theme of seashells, sand dollars, sea stars, and tropical colors. Sizes are 16 or 20 inches square, or lumbar size (13 x 21 in.).

Pillows can come with or without a zipper closure as you wish. They are made in the USA and are dry clean or spot clean only.

Seashell Pillows Including Sand Dollars and Sea Stars (Starfish)

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black and white seashells pillow decorative coastal beach shells photography real conch whelk tropical
Black and white seashells pillow
White sand dollar, round throw pillow for indoors or outside.
Realistic sand dollar pillow
Colorful seashells pillow decorative coastal square beach shells photography jingle nature natural

Beach shells collection

Natural sand dollar round throw pillow coastal decor decorative beach shells realistic
Black and colorful seashells pillow arks beach shells photography collection lumbar long coastal decor
starfish sea star beach scene throw pillow square tropical water sea sand coastal decor
Two anchors pillow with “welcome aboard” text.  Pillows for ships and boats.
Pillows for ships
lumbar throw pillow with starfish and beach scene sea sand ocean star

Choose indoor fabric in polyester or cotton, or outdoor fabric. The outdoor fabric is coated with an UV treatment that’s sturdy and mildew resistant.

Square pillows are 16 inch, or 20 inch.

Lumbar size is 13 x 21 inches. All pillows come with a zipper closure unless you choose “zipper less”.

Welcome friends saying throw pillow with beach background and sea stars.
Navy blue throw pillow with sea stars / starfish design
5 colors
Throw pillow with two photo templates and text.  Remember a beloved pet with pictures and names.
In memory of a pet
Mosquito lagoon florida waterway lake saltwater photography pillow blue sky clouds
More colors
beach scene waves pillow surf dark blue coastal seaside seacoast

Throw Pillows With Bright Tropical Colors

Choose indoor or outdoor fabric, with or without zipper closure.

Bright orange tropical starfish pillow
Sea coral bright orange throw pillow
Orange pillow big starfish graphic
Rustic tropical outdoor pillow with hibiscus flowers on wood design
Outdoor fabric
Blue hibiscus throw pillow.
Lumbar pillow with pink and blue hibiscus design.  Background is wood grain appearance and comes in indoor or outdoor fabric.
sand dollars decorative pillow aqua blue tropical colors
lime green sand dollar pattern pillow seashells beach shells bright tropical
sand dollars pattern pillow in hot pink color tropical square coastal decor