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all in one invitations

All-in-one invitations are popular because a reply card in included along with the invitation text. They can be used for events large or small and make it easy for invitees to respond easily. They are the perfect type of invitation for a celebratory milestone birthday bash – for men or women – or wedding event. We also have invitation designs for class and family reunions, retirement parties, and vow renewal ceremonies. Easily change the wording in the template areas to create a custom, all-in-one invitation.

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Woman’s Birthday

These pretty, floral invitations have orchids and other tropical flowers. Often I use realistic flowers on my paper designs, like the white orchids, hibiscus, hydrangeas and plumeria flowers. The paper comes as a matte finish or upgrade to the premium pearl paper. Read more about buying options on the product page.

A detachable RSVP card is included in this folded style invitation and is therefore called “all in one”. The affordable invites gives invitees an easy way to reply, and especially when a stamp and return address is added to the outside of the reply card.

Mailing addresses and return address can be added before purchase so the invitation comes to you ready to send out. When using an outer envelope, simply remove all the address text (except on the front of the RSVP).

Invitations with tropical flowers are perfect to use for birthday parties and luau parties for all occasions. The bright and colorful designs would be appreciated by ladies of all ages.

All invitations are priced affordably and omit the need for additional response cards and envelopes.

Birthday Party Invitations For Him

Beach scenes and fishing themes are featured on party invitations for men. Celebrate a fisherman, or man who loves the sea, with masculine designs. Although they have been made for men, they are really unisex and will work for men or women. Some ladies love to fish as well!

Wedding Invitation Templates

All-in-one wedding invitations are beautiful, and a good way to save time and money when planning a wedding celebration. Take the time to fill in all templates, including addresses on the back of the card. Add a postcard postage stamp to the outside of the RSVP card, with the address where the card will be mailed. Guests can simply fill in the lines with name and “will attend” or “will not attend” and drop the postcard size reply card into the mail.

An outside envelope can be used also. Remove all outside address and return address text if doing so, but keep the RSVP (return to) address.

Sample text on these invitations is easy to change for any type of event.

Wedding Anniversary – Renewing Vows Ceremony Invitations

Family Reunion Invitations

Just like the wedding invitation templates, reunion party invitations will save the sender time and money. Invitees are more likely to reply in a timely fashion when replying is simple and easy. The detachable RSVP is postcard size and therefore requires less postage.

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