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Back in Florida and Not So Thrilled

map of floridaI prepared myself for months for the big move back to Florida. I knew it was not going to be easy adjusting to living in this state again. All the reasons I left are still present, and are now even worse problems.  Mostly it’s the tremendous growth. I’ve only been gone eleven years, but I now get lost driving on the roads I had driven for nearly thirty years.

Yesterday my son drove me to Lake Mary to get a Florida driver’s license (horror story in itself) and I had no idea where I was! Not only are there new, two-lane roads everywhere, there are buildings and traffic (it was 1:30 PM) and people everywhere.  And don’t forget the fast food places on every corner. This is Florida. I knew it would be like this.  Even with all my preparation – I knew what I was getting into – seeing it in person is stressful.

I have to get to the point where I am living a Florida lifestyle that contains my favorite things. Namely, my own home, proximity to the ocean, Intracoastal, and country living.
In fact, if I lived in a house like the one in the photo below, loving Florida would be easy!

It’s necessary to have your own little oasis (be it ever so humble) to escape to when all the crowds, crime and traffic in the Sunshine State bog us residents down.  I need to find my oasis.

florida house on the water
What’s Not To Love?

To stay calm I try to visit calming places, away from the crowds.  We took a nice trip over to the seacoast last week. We ate at a little out-of-the-way seafood restaurant, called Goodrich’s, right on the Indian River, and visited Seminole Rest.  It was hotter than hell, but we walked all around the historic site, which is an old Indian colony / shell mound.

A few weeks ago we went down to Haulover Canal and watched the manatees.

This is the Florida I can appreciate, and like.

We want to take the Gheenoe out and go fishing, but I can’t fish because I don’t have a fishing license, which I can’t get until I get a Florida driver’s license.   And that is not an easy item to acquire.  I’m surprised they don’t need dental records, because the DMV needs just about everything else.

The amount of paperwork needed to transfer my New Hampshire driver’s license to Florida is mind-boggling and STUPID. I attempted to do this yesterday. I looked up what I needed for paperwork and took a fistful of stuff to the DMV. After waiting 1/2 hour I was told I needed a marriage certificate..!!! To get a driver’s license.!!!  I didn’t scream, but it’s hard to stay calm.  Not only was the whole ordeal a big fat waste of time,  I still can’t go fishing.

So I am trying to like Florida.  I have to live here, so I need to find my oasis.  Once I can get to the beach often and get out on the water every day in our boat, I will have a better outlook.  There are still many things to like about Florida… I’m just not seeing enough of them at the present time.


The Fun of Blogging, Correcting Old Mistakes and Links

blogging about seashells
The Spiny Jewelbox

When I began this blog, many years ago, I was not much of a writer. (And still, I am not!)  The fun of blogging was new to me, and boy did I have a lot to learn. My first blog was created at Google blogger, but I found that platform difficult to learn. Once I was introduced to WordPress I never looked back. This blog was my first one here at WP.

When I started Seashells by Millhill, I knew next to nothing about blogging, or seashells. I had just opened my seashell photography store, and related wedding stationery store. While creating tropical wedding stationery, from my own seashell pictures, I realized that I had finally taken more of an interest in those shells sitting in a bowl.

Although I presently live in New Hampshire, I had lived just north of Orlando, Florida for 27 years. Continue reading The Fun of Blogging, Correcting Old Mistakes and Links

Collecting and Buying Real Sea Glass

sea glassCollecting your own sea glass assures you it’s real, but buying on line may give you pause. Is that necklace (with the hefty price tag) made of the real thing?

I may have come across sea glass during my treks to the ocean, but I never paid much attention to it. The kids and I collected seashells only.  Jelly fish and horseshoe crabs that had washed up on the beach were interesting, but I don’t recall finding any pretty, worn glass.   But there are collectors of sea glass, and they know what to look for.  Just like seashells, certain ones (colors) are rare, and therefore demand a higher price. Continue reading Collecting and Buying Real Sea Glass

Don’t Let The Other Guys Win

votingWe are lucky to have the privilege of voting. When I was young I barely paid attention to politics of any kind, and usually I only voted in the presidential election. Even then I was very uninformed. I let other people tell me who I should vote for and I followed the advice of friends. I think they were just as uninformed as I was. We voted because of ridiculous qualities that had nothing to do with how well the President could run things. Continue reading Don’t Let The Other Guys Win

The Deadly Bacteria in Florida Sea Water

English: Beach at Destin, Florida: sand, ocean...
English: Beach at Destin, Florida: sand, ocean, sky, clouds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My son, who lives in Florida, called me last night and said there had been nine deaths there from people simply going into the ocean water. Of course that news won’t be widely reported (and I hadn’t seen anything about it up here in the northeast) since Florida is a tourist state.  And the ratio of people who die, to people who swim in the ocean, is very small.  This deadly, flesh-eating, bacteria gets into your body through an open wound and if you are not a healthy person, it could kill you.
My son goes fishing a lot, and the sea water is so warm, that he is in and out of it all the time. Pulling up to one of the many little islands along the ICW is the perfect place to cast a line. This bacteria news is a bit scary, but with all the millions of people visiting the coastline, only 9 have died. It seems pretty safe for the average person, and once the water cools off the bacteria will vanish.
In the meantime, don’t eat raw fish. As the fish feed (this includes shellfish) they filter out this bacteria which is not harmful if the fish is cooked.
Not everyone will die if they are infected, but you sure won’t feel very well.  Symptoms include redness and swelling at the infected site – like a bad bug bite, and then they expand to cover your body.  Read more and view a video here.