Behind a small island in Mosquito Lagoon

Wild Hermit Crabs You May See in Florida

If you have read this blog at all, chances are you’ve heard me “complain” about all the hermit crabs I find that have taken up residency inside empty seashells I would love to collect. Well, I do understand that the shells are needed for these creatures to survive, and I take photos rather than collect. […]

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Spider crab

About the Spider Crab, Florida Indian River Location

I don’t remember ever coming across a Spider Crab in my trips to the ocean or river (saltwater). I think I would have remembered this big, ugly thing. While boating the other day, we pulled up to a quiet spot so I could get out and explore the shallows. This is my favorite thing to […]

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red crab underwater

A Day on the Indian River Turns Up a New Discovery

Have you ever seen a giant red hermit crab? Me neither until, well, one day I did! I got some great photos, so read on. The Story of the Big Red Hermit Crab We went out on the boat yesterday, my son and I, and ended our day at Three Sisters, which is a group […]

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