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Fighting With Thieves and Design Fraud at Amazon

Much of the online work I do is related to the ocean and seashore. I use personal images and graphic designs with a tropical, beach theme to make items to sell in my Zazzle stores. I support myself and my teenage son through the work I do each and every day. A lot of work goes into the creation of a product such as the one below, that I sell at my SeashellsbyMillhill store.  But you can also find an image of this exact same pillow on Amazon, due to copyright infringement, where someone has helped him/herself to the image of my pillow. The Zazzle watermark is removed and the image is next to a phony description leading you to believe that is belongs to that store owner.
It’s sickening to find that the image has been copied to be sold by thieves at the Amazon site. Not only one design, but many, many designs have gone this route. There is a continuous flood of fraudulent stores being opened at Amazon by unscrupulous people who go around stealing images by taking a screenshot and then selling goods containing artwork by hard-working designers.

Most of the items I’ve found of mine have been pillows, but there are other items to beware of.
**Copied images WILL NOT be of good quality. Don’t waste your money buying from fraudulent sellers.  Many of my orange starfish / tropical pillows are showing on Amazon for sale and THEY SHOULD NOT BE THERE..!

persimmon orange starfish pillow
My persimmon orange starfish pillow is just one of many STOLEN designs showing up at Amazon.

I spend much of each day, seven days a week, creating designs, uploading them to Zazzle and making products to sell in my online stores. When people simply help themselves to an image (which, by the way, will print blurry since it is not of good quality when a screenshot is taken) and then print it up on their own cheap pillow cloth to sell, they are stealing money from me – or whomever they steal it from. Continue reading Fighting With Thieves and Design Fraud at Amazon

A Polyvore Creation: Packing for the Beach

things to take to the beach
Pack up That Beach Bag

I had fun on the Polyvore site making this image depicting what to pack in a beach bag.  I’ll explain more about Polyvore in a minute.

Going to the beach requires packing wisely. What you’ll need will depend on what you plan to be doing at the beach. Packing also depends on if you are on a long vacation and are staying in a hotel right on, or near the shore. You’ll need to take fewer items if your “home” is just a few steps away.

For the perfect beach day, where resting in one sunny spot for hours on end is the plan, sunscreen, drinking water, and sandals are the very least of what you will need. The sand can burn your feet! Many people read on the beach, so take a book, or paper to write a note, or sketch a picture. Sunglasses are an obvious necessity, and binoculars might be fun.

A cover-up of some sort is something I would take if I decided to head up to the boardwalk, or go for a walk along the water’s edge. The young people look fine in their bikinis, but my body in a swimsuit is not all that attractive any longer! But on Florida’s beaches, you needn’t worry as pretty much anything goes. It is quite amazing at how uninhibited people of all sizes feel among the throngs of beach-goers. Everyone can feel at home on a Florida beach. Continue reading A Polyvore Creation: Packing for the Beach

Florida Wildlife Ceramic Wall Art

sea turtles wall hangiing
Sea Turtle art by John Beasley (image used with permission)

Etsy is one of my favorite places to find unique and interesting artists. I’m always on the lookout for aquatic nature and recently I stumbled across a talented creator at Medicine Bluff Studio.

John Beasley is the artist who makes fabulous works of art using ceramic tiles. It does not all seem to be strictly Florida wildlife, but his baby sea turtle art is what I found first, pinned to a board at Pinterest. Following the link brought me to his Etsy store, where I discovered too many pieces that I love!

The baby sea turtles are featured in a number of wall art, like the one entitled “Leaving the Nest” which depicts Continue reading Florida Wildlife Ceramic Wall Art

Infatuated With The Nautilus Shell

girl holding seashell
Art by Strangeling

The amazing artwork of strangeling, aka Jasmine Becket-Griffith, features the chambered nautilus seashell. The artist admits in the description of the piece pictured here, that she “loves to paint them” and she does a fantastic job of it too!

I am not a painter, and have always loved to see what talented people can do with some brush strokes and I’ll admit that Jasmine’s sea themed pictures are alluring.

Her style is gothic, and although I am not into goth, many of her pieces are so pretty.  I also love the one entitled “By the Seaside” which has two little ocean fairies playing with shells at the shore.

Read more about the Chambered Nautilus sea creature.

Pictures of My Florida Seashells

I’m writing this to try out the WordPress photo gallery feature so I thought I’d try to add some of my seashell photos and try it out.
I like this photo gallery and plan to use it more often. For now, I’ve added a few of my Florida seashell pictures. Can you name the shells?

Pen shells, Olive shells, King’s Crown – and again with the Lightning Whelk, Oysters, and one little shell I’m not sure of.