Books About Florida and Seashell Collecting

These are books I own and use, or have used in the past. I’ve included newer versions / editions when that option makes more sense. ¬†*These links have my affiliate code and I will make money on purchases, which does not affect the price you pay.

Currently, the reference book I use most, when it comes to seashell collecting and identifying things I find along the Florida seashore, is Florida’s Living Beaches. ¬†Blair and Dawn Witherington are the authors and they have many other nature books for various areas of the country.
My photo is the 2007 edition, which I own, but they have a newer edition available at the link below.

Buy: Florida’s Living Beaches, the Second Edition
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The book below by the National Audubon Society was the first seashell book I bought. It contains more than just Florida shells and covers all of North America.

Buy: National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Seashells

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Seashell Books With Good Reviews on Amazon

More Books About Florida Wildlife

The Fish Guide book below is a good one to become familiar with fish in the Florida waters. It’s older, and there is a good Gulf coast fishing book below.

Buy: Florida Sportsman Sport Fish of Florida Book OR choose the one below which is geared toward Gulf fishing.

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When I first moved to Florida is was much more rural and less built up. That was back in 1979. Quickly the state began to lose it’s green spaces, which is unfortunate. Lots of building went on in the 80’s, but back then we came across lots of snakes and many here are poisonous. I wanted to familiarize myself because I had kids and animals that played out in the yard.

The book pictured is the one I used very often and it helped me become familiar with the regular snakes we’d see.

This book is old and the link below goes to anther snake guide book.

Buy: Florida’s Snakes: A guide to Their Identification and Habits.