Birthday Party Invitations For Adults and Teens

This page will gives an idea of our custom birthday party invitations for adults and teens by showcasing some popular designs. All text is in template form and is super easy to personalize for your event.

Adult and Teen Birthday Party for Him

We have a collection of birthday party invitations with a masculine theme. Whether for a teenage son, hubby, boyfriend or grandpa or simply a good friend, find themes related to the beach, fishing, boating and more.

Birthday Postcard
Bonfire Party Postcard
Saltwater Theme

Adult and Teen Birthday Party For Her

Fill in the lines of text on your favorite birthday party invitation template. We offer tropical themes with pineapples, plumeria flowers, hibiscus and bird-of-paradise, along with palm trees and beach scenes. Because all text can be changed, these templates can be used for any type of celebration. Need help with something? Contact me at millhill11@gmail(dot)com for a design request or help with text / changing a design.

Click on an image to see more about the product, with pricing size options and to upgrade the paper.

Birthday Cards, Regular, Oversize, and Extra Large

The extra large size greeting cards come in three sizes. Shown here is the medium size which is 24 by 36 inches. The card is printed on durable, opaque plastic and can be written on with a sharpie marker. Each card comes with a cardboard envelope. Read more about the product on each product page. Perfect for giving from a group!

The greeting cards below come in three sizes with the largest being 8.5 by 11 inches. The other sizes are 4×6 and 5×7.

Decorated Envelopes

The envelopes shown are size A7, the size for a normal 5×7 inch greeting card or invitation. They come in basic or linen paper. Solid colors are easy to change on the product page.

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