Tropical and Traditional Christmas Greeting Cards

The Christmas cards on this page mostly feature tropical and beach themes. The Holiday Store also sells traditional holiday cards.

Christmas Card Options

We offer traditional folded greeting cards, flat photo cards, flat cards without photo templates, postcards, magnetic cards, and long photo cards. Scroll down the page to see different types of cards including Foil cards in silver or gold.

Multi-photo Christmas Cards

Some cards have more colors to choose from and can be found on each product page. Traditional, or tropical, triple folded cards have a simple holiday greeting in the center with sides that fold outward and contain photos. This type of card can sit on a shelf or table.

Starfish Chrsitmas, triple fold greeting cards with two big photo templates on pages that fold outward with greeting in the center.
Starfish Chrsitmas, triple fold greeting cards with two big photo templates on pages that fold outward with greeting in the center.

When uploading photos to the template be sure to choose clear, crisp images with either horizontal or vertical orientation to match the template. The subject of the photo should be centered to best fit the holder.

Customize with your choice of greeting and signature. Some Christmas and holiday card designs have templates for one or more photos. A multi-photo holiday card is perfect for large families, or to share photos from the past year.

Christmas and “Happy New Year” Postcards

Postcards come as either semi-gloss or matte as you prefer. There is no difference in price. A matte paper will print softer and more subtle. Zazzle’s postcard size is 4.25 x 5.6, which is accepted by the US postal service as postcard size, which means a lower postcard postage stamp can be used to mail.

“Cheers” postcard
Gold Foil on front – Scripture inside
Wise Men gold or silver foil cards
Christmas postcards with tropical themes

All postcards here have text templates on the front so customers can choose their own greeting. Some postcards also have text templates on the back so a mailing address can be added.

Bulk order discounts begin at a quantity of eight cards. See more about ordering in bulk on the dropdown count on the product page.

Front and Back of Holiday Postcards

Beach wreath Christmas postcard starfish tropical with text templates and blank on back.
Front – Beach Wreath Postcard – color selection
back of Christmas postcard with tropical beach
Back of Wreath postcard
Beach wreath Christmas postcard with saying, “Christmas is love” and place to include a mailing address.
“Christmas is Love”
beach glass green reverse Christmas postcard address template
Back – include a mailing address
Starfish beach Christmas postcard greeting address template
Seas and Greetings
Christmas postcard template beach sand
Reverse: Optional mailing address

View the Holiday Postcard Collection

Postcards are the affordable way to keep in touch at the holidays.

Christmas postcards with tropical themes

Flat Paper Christmas Greeting Cards With Paper Upgrades

Flat Christmas cards are popular as the modern way to send greetings. The long cards are traditional, but we also offer other sizes, shown mostly as 5×7 inches, where more photos can be included. Priced higher than postcards, these cards have paper upgrade options.

flat beach christmas cards photo template
warm wishes tropical Christmas photo cards
beach drinks Christmas cards
Modern flamingos christmas card

Traditional Folded Christmas Cards to Customize

Folded Christmas cards are the traditional way to send a holiday greeting. Most of our cards have a tropical theme, with every bit of text in template form. Customize your preferred greeting, add a personal message, and sign the cards. Sample Christmas sayings are inside, which you may use or change.

View the Folded Card Collection.

Merry Christmas from the beach, folded cards with starfish on the front and message template inside.
Two drinks in the sand “Seas and Greetings” tropical holiday folded card.

Foil Christmas Cards – Choose Silver or Gold

Christian foil Christmas cards with three wise men on camels. Choose silver or gold foil.
Silver foil flamingo Christmas cards.  Customize text inside with message and signature.

View the Foil Collection which includes wrapping paper and cards.

Foil Christmas cards come in silver or gold.  The front design is foil, and inside has custom text templates.

Magnetic Christmas Cards

Holiday cards with magnetic backing come in two sizes, either 5×7, or 4×5. Other sizes are offered but these designs will fit those two sizes best. Envelopes are offered to go with the cards. Bulk order discounts begin at 25 pieces.

Seashell border Christmas photo magnetic card with “sending love at Christmas” wording.
4×5 or 5×7
magnetic happy new year photo greeting cards with sand dollar and beach theme
Any Greeting

View all Magnetic Holiday Cards at Holiday Store

Big photo, magnetic Christmas cards with “Celebrate the Season” greeting.  Customize with your signature and add a big photo of the dog or family.
Blue Christmas photo card with gold snowflakes and “Peace Joy Love” greeting.  Magnetic backing.

View more Happy New Year Cards

We also offer traditionally decorated cards without a beach theme.

Dark blue Christmas photo card with magnetic backing.  Gold snowflakes and white text design.
Corporate holiday cards with magnetic backing and photo template.
Dog photo greeting card with custom text.  Use to thank patrons of the local animal shelter, or customize for personal use.  Twinkling stars, West Yorkshire terrier dog, and white text.
New baby at Christmas cards with photo template and green text.  Simple and sweet to share a photo with relatives.

Extra Large, Oversize, Huge Holiday Cards

The big greeting cards come in three sizes: 18 x 24 inches, 24 x 36 inches, and 36 x 48 inches – see example in images below. Choose your preferred size on the product page.

Customize all text, front and inside. Big greeting cards are perfect for boyfriend / girlfriend, or to give from a group for a special occasion. The collection includes cards for any occasion.

These cards are printed in the USA, and each card comes with a matching cardboard envelope. Read more on the product page by clicking on a product below.

View our Collection of Oversize Cards

Paper to Write a Christmas Letter

Customize stationery to write a Christmas letter update to enclose in greeting cards. I have a good friend who always writes out a letter to send to friends and family each year.

Lined paper with text at the top, and a beach background image, which can be used as a Christmas letter or for any time of year.
Starfish and holly, Christmas letter paper with lines and a dark green border.
Gold snowflakes, text template, Christmas letter to type up and buy to enclose with holiday cards.

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