Christmas Stockings

I enjoy creating Christmas stockings with a coastal theme and also offer a few with traditional themes. Although many Florida homes do not have a fireplace, kids and adults alike usually want a stocking to “unwrap” on Christmas Day. To many of us, a Christmas stocking begins the excitement of the holiday!

First, a little about Zazzle’s stockings and what I sell in the Holiday Store.

  • Offered in two Sizes: Small are 9 x 16 inches, Large are 12 x 20 inches
  • Fabric choices: brushed poly, faux linen, and coral fleece
  • They are machine washable, lay flat to dry, and made in the USA.
  • All stockings have name templates to personalize.
  • Some stockings have photo templates.
  • Stockings can be double-sided, or have a red backing. See my note on this below.
  • Stockings with solid red on reverse are cheaper and that option is available on all stockings. They will hang facing right.

Christmas stockings can be offered with the same design on both sides, like the seashells stocking above. Sometimes a stocking will have a one sided print only. The back of the stocking will be red, and it will have to hang facing to the right. The illustrated sea turtle stocking below is like this.

Only the stockings that have been designed with double-sided images have the print on both sides option. A few of my stockings will not have that option.

These days I try to create all my stockings with the double-sided design so customers will have the choice, but some older designs were not created that way.

Traditional Themed Christmas Stockings

I’ve made some stockings with teens, boys, men, horse-lovers, guitar-players, sports lovers, and knitters in mind (lamb – wool).

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