Holiday Wrapping Paper, Bags, Ribbon and Tissue Paper

Christmas wrapping paper is offered either on a roll, with your choice of length, or in sheets. To complete your wrapping needs, we have tissue paper , gift bags, wine boxes, tags, stickers and ribbon.

You can find everything you need for Christmas planning at the Holiday Store. View samples below and click the images to see more.

Holiday Wrapping Paper Sheet Sets

  • Three sheets of paper in each set.
  • Choose matte or semi-gloss
  • Each sheet measures 19.5 x 28.5 inches.
  • Sheets are loosely rolled – no creases and store flat.
  • Handy guide lines on the back for cutting.
Aqua blue tropical Christmas wrapping paper sheets set with sea horses and starfish designs
3 sheets
Red Christmas paper with big sea stars and holly designs
3 sheets

Tissue paper to match

Bright lime green tropical Christmas wrapping paper sheets with white sea stars pattern.
Sheet set of three
Navy blue starfish christmas wrapping paper set with white sea stars and ornaments pattern
Wrapping paper sheets

Wrapping Paper on a Roll – Choose a length from six feet to sixty feet long.

This high quality wrapping paper offers a choice of roll length. Choose matte or glossy and wrap gifts in stunning tropical holiday designs.

Lime green Christmas wrapping paper with sea stars / starfish and ornament design.
Paper on a roll with color selections.
Starfish and holly beach themed holiday wrapping paper on a roll.
Rolled wrapping paper

Add photos to your wrapping paper!

Personalize your Christmas gift wrap with pictures of the family. The paper here comes on a roll and has two templates where personal photos can be uploaded. The photos make a pattern over the paper and each design has custom text for a greeting as well.

Photo Christmas wrapping paper in pink with two places for pictures and your choice of greeting.
Photo wrapping paper!
Custom photos Christmas wrapping paper with templates

Click to View the Collection of Photo Wrapping Paper

Starfish / Sea Stars Christmas Wrapping Paper

Starfish designs for the holiday season are perfect for those who celebrate in a warm climate.

To create this unique holiday wrapping paper, first the sand dollar and sea star was photographed. Each of the images were then isolated, with the background removed. These “seashells” are part of my own personal collection. The holly leaves, plumeria flowers, ornaments, and other design elements came from “free”images online and were isolated to embellish my own beach shells.

Because I live in Florida, I realize there is a need for tropical and beach themes at Christmas time.

Sand dollars and starfish Christmas wrapping paper in chartreuse or other popular colors.
Comes in seven colors
Plumeria and starfish wrapping paper with customized text for Christmas or other occasions.
More colors available
Starfish and seahorses Christmas wrapping paper
Starfish and sea horses Christmas wrapping paper in navy blue.
Blue Christmas wrapping paper with a beach theme.  Starfish and sand dollars pattern.
Aqua blue starfish and sand dollar wrapping paper for the holiday season.
Tropical turquoise wrapping paper for Christmas with beach wreath pattern made up of sand dollars and starfish.
Silver gray wrapping paper Christmas holly among sea stars and sand dollars.

Pink flamingos wrapping paper for Christmas with text and birds standing among sea stars.  Pale pink background color, or choose another.
Pink Christmas flamingo wrapping paper
Black Christmas wrapping paper on a roll with sea stars and words, joy, peace, love.
Black Christmas paper on a roll
Flamingos, beach themed pattern Christmas wrapping paper in tropical turquoise color.
Black Christmas wrapping paper with sand dollars and starfish design.

Tissue Paper Collection

We offer tissue paper to match the tropical designs of our wrapping paper and gift bags. View the collection here.

Wrapping Paper Sheet Sets

Our tropical themed wrapping paper sheets come in sets of three. Each sheet comes loosely rolled so there are no creases! The paper is easy to store as it lays flat.

One sheet can wrap a large gift, or use the guidelines on the back of the paper to easily cut into smaller pieces. Each sheet size measures 19.5 by 28.5 inches. Paper comes as either matte or semi-gloss.

Starfish and sea horses Christmas wrapping paper set
Three sheets
White Christmas wrapping paper sheets with starfish and holly designs.
Three sheets

Tissue Paper to Match

White Starfish all occasion gift wrapping set of paper in three neutral colors of white, dark and light gray.
Starfish pattern on neutral gray tones
sea stars tropical Christmas wrapping paper sheets in red, green and gold with white starfish
Starfish on red, green and gold

Many paper sets have a variety of color options. We offer some unconventional tropical colors and neutrals along with the traditional red, green and gold.

Sand dollars and starfish wrapping paper set for the holidays.  Aqua, navy blue and turquoise colors.
Starfish Christmas tree pattern gift wrapping paper in set of three sheets.  Colors are traditional red, green and dark blue.


Gift Bags

Gift bags come in four sizes, from tall wine bags to small, medium and large decorated bags. We have traditional and tropical holiday designs.

Seas and greetings beach themed gift bag for the holiday season or any occasion.  Text template in white script for “Seas and Greetings” or other greeting on front.  Three sizes.
Gold snowflakes tall wine bag or for alcohol bottle gift giving.  White with falling crystals in gold.
Red beach Christmas wine or bottle gift bags with big sand dollar and starfish design.

Click the image below to see all our holiday gift bags.

Christmas gift bags paper

Tall Gift Boxes For Wine or Alcohol Gifts

Christmas Wrapping Paper on a Roll

Zazzle’s rolled gift wrapping paper comes as matte or glossy. The matte paper is cheaper, but personally I like the glossy. The roll width is 30 inches, with optional lengths of 6, 15, 30, 45, 60, feet in length. This is high quality paper that resists tearing while wrapping. Many designs have color selections to mix and match.

Only a small sample of our tropical and beach themed gift wrap is shown on this page. Click this link to view the Christmas Paper Collection and also click to view Wrapping Paper Sets with coordinating gift tags, ribbon and tissue paper.

Tropical Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon