Starfish / Sea Stars For Christmas

I’ve been working to fill my online store with new holiday card designs that feature tropical images like the sea star. For me, the sea star (commonly called a starfish) is a rare find and I’ve only found living sea stars on my local beaches. The starfish featured on my cards, envelopes, wrapping paper and more, are part of my collection. I did not collect them, they were purchased – long ago before I knew better than to buy seashells.

The Holiday Shop is an online store that focuses on tropical themed Christmas greeting cards. We also make ornaments, party invitations, household items and paper goods. But this page is about designs that use sea stars.

Any type of paper Zazzle offers can be turned into a Christmas card. Customers also have the option to transfer a design from one product to another.

Red Twinkling Stars

After designing seacoast stationery for many years, I’ve found that certain elements are popular. Sea stars are one of those things. The red, twinkling stars stationery adds a festive holiday feel to the products here. Now we have new, trendy fonts to work with and the designs are such fun to create.

Starfish red Christmas card.  Folded cards with custom text on the front and inside, features white sea stars and holly leaves on twinkling stars background.

The red Christmas envelopes contain white sea stars mingling with green holly leaves and work well with the folded card above. This envelope will hold any 5×7 inch card or invitation. A return address can be included on the front by filling in the text template on the product page. Use a silver, gold, or white marker to address, or print your own labels. See our matching labels here.

Christmas envelope with sea stars and return address template
Return address template
Christmas decorated envelopes in red with white starfish, green holly and twinkling stars.
Back flap
Christmas envelope inside showing white sea stars and holly design.

Visit the Holiday Store

Flat Christmas card with white sea stars and green holly design.  Customize white text in three places.
5×7 Flat holiday greeting card. Choose “no envelopes” if using decorated envelopes shown on this page.
Teal blue, 4-photo Christmas cards with white starfish and green holly design.
Four photos, 8×4 inch flat Christmas cards come with white envelopes.

The Design is Unique

All sea star images used on these items began with my own shell collection. Neither star was found by me. I have found living stars while exploring islands and shallow sand bars on the Indian River, but have never collected a dead star from the beach.

I photographed each of my sea stars, which are brown and white, and then used them to create these designs.

Starfish and Holly

Red Christmas wrapping paper sheets with big starfish and holly design.
3 sheets of wrapping paper
Green Christmas wrapping paper with holly leaves and white sea stars / starfish.

The Starfish Wrapping Paper Collections

Sea Star Ornaments


Customize a tree ornament that features sea stars. All ornaments have customization of some kind. Usually text and sometimes one or more photo templates.

Starfish turquoise ceramic ornament for the Christmas tree with four photo templates and custom text on the back.

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