RV Camper Layouts For Separate Adult Sleeping Locations

Types of campers to consider when two adults have to share the space but are not a couple.

Toy hauler table seating and open patio

Camping designs and layouts are geared mostly for either couples or families. Two adults, who are not a couple, like us, need a specific type of layout. We need two separate sleeping areas.

Toy Haulers

We strongly considered getting a toy hauler. This type of camper was our main focus for quite a while. Toy haulers have a big door, usually in the back, that opens to become a ramp. The ramp is used to load up “toys” such as a golf cart, 4-wheelers, kayaks, and other things to bring on a trip. This part of the camper usually converts to a sleeping quarters and table area as well. And, what we liked best was the porch area.

Random Toy Hauler Photos and Features

I took these photos of random toy haulers while browsing at an RV show in Tampa. I’m not sure of the brands, and they are all different campers. The photos are to give an idea of what a toy hauler looks like.

Some toy haulers have walls with doors that separate the garage area (photo). Some are open to the rest of the camper and have a curtain. Some designs have couches that fold up on the sides, which also turn into a bed / eating area. Others have couches that raise up to the ceiling out of the way. This type of camper is perfect for families.

One layout had a walkthrough bathroom that separated the garage. We looked at a few of those as well at Gander RV in St. Augustine. Our salesman was a young man named Aiden, and he was great.

A must, IMO, is having that 3-season door to block the patio from the inside. Some toy haulers do not come with the door, just a flimsy screen. The door is glass and screened to keep out the bugs and easily close up at night without having to shut the entire patio. Note also that not all toy haulers include that patio. Some are a ramp only.

We had to keep our cats in mind also and I wasn’t convinced that they wouldn’t leave that patio when it was open! Camping with cats can be a challenge, and we are not even doing it yet!

  • Toy hauler with separate walled back
  • Three season door open toy hauler camper
  • Toy hauler table seating and open patio
  • Toy hauler lifted sleeping area
  • Toy hauler patio

The downside: The styles we wanted and needed were pricey. We would have to buy used to stay within my budget and even then, we would probably not have everything we wanted. Also, used RVs were hard to come by.

The Expandable Campers

Expandable campers are a bit like pop-ups except more like a regular camper with one or more sleeping areas that open out like a tent.

Here are some examples of what I mean.

We discovered this type of camper late in our search. We did like the idea of sleeping tent-style and with two separate bedrooms on each end of the camper, it seemed like a great idea for us. There were none to be found for sale. So, we moved on.

Sleeping Set Ups to Accommodate Adults

Many RVs have dinettes that fold down to make a bed. Couches too can be pulled out, or bunk beds are built in. None of these sleeping spots are as good as a nice queen or king size bed, but they will do.

As I’ve mentioned, most camping people are couples or couples with kids and the kids sleep on the pullouts and bunks. It makes sense to cater to the most popular buyers. For those whose needs are different, some sacrifices might be necessary.

Our Layout Choice

In the end, we chose a camper where my son would sleep on the dinette made up into a bed. My space is the main bedroom area which closes off completely by a walk-through bathroom. In the evening, my son who stays up late, will have the entire camper with access to the bathroom, to himself.

The camper has two doors to the outside and one is in my bedroom. In the morning when I get up earlier than he does, I can brew a little pot of coffee in my room and step out the door without disturbing him at all. In theory, this seems perfect.

We shall see. I wrote a page about finding campers for two adults and sleeping arrangements when they are not a couple.

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