The Bruised Nassa Is a Tiny Sea Snail

The Bruised Nassa shell is so small that it would be very easy to miss on a sandy beach. They only grow to be 3/4 of an inch and this one is about a half inch. Luckily there was no hermit crab inside so I brought it home to get these photos.

I found this tiny shell, measuring about one-half inch in length, while exploring one of the Spoil Islands in Mosquito Lagoon. My face was very close to the ground when I saw this little beauty, which happened to be empty.

The shell below is also a bruised nassa, as far as I can tell. It’s not as pretty and I didn’t collect it because a hermit crab was inside. It’s more worn but has the same shape with the bumpy ridges.

See more Bruised Nassa shells at the Bailey and Matthews museum page.

Bruised nassa shell
Bruised nassa shell with hermit crab inside.

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