“A Drop in the Ocean” is a Book Worth Reading

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I love to find a book to read that I really enjoy and “A Drop in the Ocean“, written by Jenni Ogden, is one such book.   The author lives on a remote, “off the grid” island near New Zealand. She had some real life experiences to draw from, and she makes you believe in the places and people she writes about. This story is unique and original and well written.

This book contains an affiliate link to Amazon where you can buy it for a Kindle, in hardcover or paperback. I could earn money if you decide to purchase it through this link.

But, I am not advertising the book to make money. I sincerely enjoyed this book.

I seldom go by reader reviews because some people give great reviews to junk. We all like different things, and what may appeal to me, won’t appeal to you.  I like unusual stories written by intelligent people.  This story is one of those. If you love the sea and the creatures in it, this book is worth a read.

Often I don’t fall for choosing a book because it has “beach” or “ocean” in the title. Sometimes titles can pull you in and you find your time wasted reading useless drivel.

In this case, A Drop in the Ocean really does have to do with a tropical paradise and the ocean and creatures in it. I especially love the parts of the book about watching and tagging the sea turtles.  

Here is a green sea turtle photo, which the author mentions in the book.

green sea turtle
Green Sea Turtle (photo credit: Pixabay)

The story is fiction, but the remote style of island living is totally believable. It is set on a small island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The woman at the center of the story is a loner, accustomed to living for her career without time for dating, marriage and family. Then, an opportunity arises which changes her forever.

I live near the ocean, but nothing like this.  Imagine walking out your door and putting on snorkeling gear to swim among the creatures of the ocean every day!  I don’t want to say more, except that her writing flows along and draws me in.

Photos of Creatures and Trees Mentioned in the Book

When you read A Drop in the Ocean you may be tempted to discover photos of places and animals described. I managed to find some of these things at Pixabay and have posted them below.

I am trusting the tags mentioned, by each photographer, to describe each photo correctly.

Shearwater birds
Shearwater birds
white heron
White Heron
Casuarina trees
Casuarina trees
Clown fish
Clown Fish

The jungle beach photo at the beginning of this page is an Image by grebmot from Pixabay.

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