Getting Ready For a Seacoast Christmas 2020

As a Zazzle designer I have been busy updating my Holiday Store with new beach and tropical themed Christmas products. This blog has also been converted to a partial website for my store. You can bypass all that by choosing “blog” and continue to read as always.

Anyone who lives in a warm climate will probably have Christmas needs that differ from the norm. Sea and sand designs take the place of snow and winter scenes. For that reason I began designing with people like me in mind.

Be sure to check the top of this site for current sales and coupon codes to enjoy the savings.

New designs for this holiday season include the “drinks in the sand” image above which is perfect for couples to send. “Seas and Greetings” is a popular saying that customers seem to like.

These designs are all new for the 2020 Christmas season. Some of the products are new at Zazzle, like the all-over print aprons. Don’t you know a man who would just love to wear this?

Aprons make the baking season a bit less stressful while keeping your clothes looking fresh.

It’s nice to have new products to design for and because text is easy to customize, many items could be used any time of the year. The dinner menu below is one example. Meant to use for a fun family keepsake, the design works for other events and gatherings. This one is not new, but an old favorite.

Don’t forget that I also sell some pretty awesome tree ornaments.

Please also visit the Gifts page where I have listed some ideas that may be helpful. Men and teen boys tend to be difficult to buy for – I know, I raised three boys! My sons were more into music than sports, but I design for both because teenage boys are a forgotten group.

The website is a work in progress, and the site will become more organized as time goes on. As always, thank you for reading!

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