Today Around Florida, April 3rd, 2020

Corona virus

Last night at midnight a stay-at-home order from the Governor went into effect. I’ve been home for 2 weeks and 5 days. I last went out to the grocery store just about when it was getting crazy here. I had toilet paper on my list – because I needed some. But of course that aisle was empty. This was the first time I realized we had a local problem. The lines at the registers were long and while talking with other shoppers (yes, we weren’t social distancing then) they were just as surprised as I was.

Since then, I have been able to stay home. I live with my grown son who shops for me whenever he goes out. He also gives me store reports when he arrives home. First the stores were very crowded, then they were empty. Limits have been put on certain foods and items. Yesterday the store was very busy once again. He said it was probably because of the “statewide lockdown“.

The drive on areas of the local beaches have been closed to traffic for a week or so, but people could still park and walk onto the beach. That will no longer be allowed, I suppose. The boat ramps have also been closed, but my son and a friend did go out shrimping last night. We use a place to launch the boat which is not an actual ramp.

Flagler Ave. beach entrance ramp with view from the beach in the evening sunset
Flagler Ave. beach entrance ramp in New Smyrna Beach

The Numbers

According to the reports today, Volusia County, where I live, has 102 cases. The big cities and high tourist areas have the highest numbers with Miami-Dade at nearly 3,000 cases. I’m thinking cruise ships maybe had a lot to do with that.

Jacksonville and Tampa round out the coasts with additional high numbers of Covid-19, and of course Orlando. Lots of counties have smaller numbers and many have zero. In all, Florida’s numbers today are at at 9,008. This information can be found here.

Checkpoints along the highways coming into the state are stopping travelers from Louisiana and New York and other “hot spots” in the country. You can read more about that here.

Becoming a Home Body

Staying home is not a new thing for me. I have no family here, except for my son. My friends all have their own families and as we’ve gotten older we have drifted apart. Ask any single person and they will tell you, couples hang out together, but singles are outsiders. That’s just how it is, and especially older singles.

I work online – although I’m making almost nothing these days, understandably. I do still spend time working getting ready for the days when shopping returns. I also have a new knitting hobby which I began about two years ago.

The yard is small, and I don’t enjoy gardening in Florida, but there is always something to do in the yard and I have a blog about that. On nice days – when it’s cool enough – I enjoy being outside.

For those who are always running around, it’s a chance to organize the house, fix things that need fixing, try a new recipe, begin a hobby, talk more with the kids, and focus on our home life. I suspect, and hope, that some people are appreciating this quiet season away from the rat race.

My son is a firefighter in Seminole County which is a relatively small Florida county, but has 145 cases. I’m always thinking of the first responders, hospital workers and grocery store personnel, especially the cashiers who come in contact with everyone who passes through. These are the necessary people, who do not stop, and I am so thankful for them as well as all the others who are keeping things going for the rest of us.

Floating in the water behind Disappearing Island with Ponce Lighthouse in view
A view of the Ponce Lighthouse from sea level

I will keep blogging because I have lots of photos to share, but the trips will stop for now. I wish my readers all the best.

Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell my work, with a lot of ocean themes, on the site.

8 thoughts on “Today Around Florida, April 3rd, 2020”

  1. That is my fear too. I suppose it’s why cancelling events is the only way. Some people will not stop going out, unless there is literally no place to go.

  2. Yes, I think I read about Spring Break going ahead. You know, it would be so bad if it were only the people who took part in the mass events got sick (if anyone has to get sick, at all) but many people get mild symptoms and pass it on to vulnerable people.

  3. We dealt with Spring Break here, and that should have been stopped. So many people come in and go out of this state that the spread in popular areas especially is not surprising. I’ll admit that I am not a news watcher, but the US is a huge place with many various demographics and lifestyles. It’s a lot to deal with for sure.

  4. Yes, it very odd that whilst I am confined to my bedroom the rest of the country is also confined to their homes. I am not missing much in that sense. It drives me crazy that governments were so slow to react to covid-19. They knew it was coming nad they could see what had happened in China, Korea, Italy and Spain but they let big pop concerts and horse race meetings go ahead until very recently (15th March). Korea is a great example of how to react to the virus. It looked like it was out of control but they got a handle on it through lots of testing and contact tracing. Amazing they have not had a lockdown but they have it under control!

  5. Emma, your broken leg story was unbelievable! I know in the US we are behind your part of the world as it began here later. I wish they had turned away “visitors” – cruise ships, vacationers, snowbirds, sooner, but although it is now official, we’ve been told for weeks to stay at home. It seems that if you have to be laid up with a broken leg, this is the time! But, seriously, I wish you a speedy recovery because it can’t be much fun.

  6. Hi Pam, the “Lock down” has been going for the past few weeks here and it (and my broken leg) has had the strange effect of generating more contact (via messenger etc) than in ordinary times. I am glad that more US states are shutting down. I hope they all do in the end so we can reduce the number of cases and buy time whilst we wait for effective treatments and vaccines to be discovered.

  7. It will be at least a month here. All we can do is wait I guess. You take care.

  8. Wishing you the very best too, Pam. The way the UK goverment is talking we could be on lock down a few months. Stay safe and be well.

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