Pigs in Paradise

abandoned frame of tent trash

We went boating when my youngest son visited in January, and I visited one of my favorite islands. The idea was to take a little charcoal grill and grill some hotdogs. (We already know that catching and cooking our own fish is a pipe dream!)

Pelican party
Pelican gathering

We first stopped at a camping spot near JB’s but the water was murky and the beach area was small. It was a boring spot. There was a bit of high ground so I took a picture of the view from the cliff… haha… Florida doesn’t have many “high” spots.

Boating beach tied off
Looking down… LOL

I wanted to go to the big beach island with opportunities to scout both the ICW main channel beach and the backwater beach for shells. There would be more for me to do while the boys played with the cooking part.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my son brought everything except the actual grill! So he had to cook over charcoal while we held the hotdogs one at a time with tongs! Right before that he tried to heat oyster shells over the charcoal chimney to cook over… Wow… don’t ever try that. They exploded! It was a learning experience. And next time remember to bring the grill.

Cooking over oyster shells
Do not try this at home

Big Beach Island (my name for the long beach we usually visit) always contains some trash. It’s a place where anyone can set up a tent and camp out. This time we landed our boat at the end spot, and the tide was high. I couldn’t get over to see the rest of the beach without following some trails through the brush and trees. It gave me a chance to see more of the island and it disgusted me.

The views are beautiful, if you don’t look too closely. Nice houses line the main channel and lots of water and greenery on the backside.

Up on the island itself I saw discarded batteries, a dirty diaper, and even a USB cable among much more.

Why people believe that the world is their trashcan is beyond my comprehension. From throwing empty beer cans out car windows, to littering parks and trails, some people simply don’t think. Or they wish to leave the pick up to others. It certainly won’t disappear on it’s own. If I’d had a plastic bag I would have collected this stuff.

We had a nice day in the sun despite the cooking fiasco and seeing the litter from pigs who don’t care.

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