How to Be At Peace By Staying Home

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With the corona virus, or COVID-19, spanning the globe we are told to stay away from groups of people. Many places are closed to keep people from traveling around, but I wonder if people really can be at peace in their own homes. Do we know how to de-stress in stressful times?

The first photo I used here is pretty funny. When your family is all together, do they look this happy? LOL But the sad thing is, when I searched Pixabay for a photo of “family at home” or “family gathering” this is what I found. Pixabay has thousands of images that are free to use, but almost no photos of families at home!

On with the post: This is a busy world, usually. There is a lot going on for people with families and jobs. Now business owners and workers are scrambling to figure out how to keep going in a somewhat normal fashion. People are out of work and kids are home from school. It’s not good, but it’s not all bad. We have no choice but to make the best of this situation.

Food – Get what you need, and stay home and cook meals!

Food seems to be a big worry for people (right behind toilet paper). We shouldn’t have to go to the grocery store every day! I am staying away, but many people are not. For some reason people are stockpiling even though there is plenty. The stockers just can’t keep the shelves full because of the rush.

What I’ve heard around here is that for the little food markets – the butcher and local produce seller – business is picking up! Maybe it’s time to check out the small businesses in your area and avoid the big stores.

Curbside deliveries are a very good idea for those who still need their take-out / fast food fix. However, someone has delivered the food to the establishment (someone sick?) and someone has cooked it (cough, sneeze) and packaged it up. You are never really safe from germs, even if you don’t go inside to the counter to pick it up. There have been many opportunities for germs to hit that burger and fries meal.

It’s time people began learning new (old) skills, like cooking meals from ingredients on the shelves in their homes.

Potatoes, carrots and onions last quite a while in the kitchen. Pasta, rice and beans do as well. We have refrigeration, and you can do a lot with eggs and cheese. Cook with the kids while they are out of school. Make big meals and freeze leftovers. Everyone should know how to cook from scratch and homemade food is GOOD FOR YOU. This is a great time to give the kids cooking lessons, or learn yourself.

pot of homemade stew
Homemade stew

Your Own Backyard

We barely know how to sit and relax, nevermind having a whole day filled without running around. People with kids tend to dread having to keep them busy. When I was a kid (yes, I’m going there), my sister and I went outside every day and found lots to do! Give kids the opportunity and they will discover ways to stay entertained on their own.

Many backyards these days are much smaller. But even in small yards, fun can be found. Take young kids outside for a wildlife search to find bugs, birds, and who knows what. Collect leaves and then identify the trees and bushes they belong to. Plant a garden, or take cuttings to see if they will root. Collect greenery and create a “bouquet”. Collect little stones, twigs and other nature to create a collage.

blowing bubbles, little girl
Thank you ddimitrova @Pixabay for this image

Introduce, or re-introduce, kids to board games, puzzles, and hands-on things like making paper airplanes, blowing bubbles, and flying kites. All that stuff seems so old school, right? But it’s fun, and it’s different and I’m betting that some kids would enjoy it. I even have some printable coloring pages on this blog which you could download and give to the little ones. They can learn about seashells while they color.

A Word About Florida’s Beaches

The photo below was not taken recently, but on one of my previous visits to New Smyrna Beach. Just as I was thinking that heading to the beach would give me some peace and quiet, I read that EVERYONE is so bored at home that they are thinking the EXACT SAME THING! Not only that, it is Spring Break time AND condos all along the beach are already filled with Snowbirds who spend the winter here.

drive on beach

The beach driving ramps have had to be closed down during the day due to heavy traffic, and this weekend the drive-on ramps in Volusia County are CLOSED for crowd control. No one can drive onto the beach, and it’s up in the air as to how they will proceed in the future. People can still come to the beach, but they must park elsewhere and walk onto the beach. However, parking is limited, so I don’t know how that will work out. AND it means people will be very close to one another.

Florida is not the place to be if you want to avoid people!

While getting outside for fresh air and exercise seems okay (see this article at NPR), it’s only a good idea when you can be far away from other people…. New Smyrna Beach does not seem to be the spot for avoiding people these days.

For those who are worrying endlessly over this, know that you’ve done all you could. We have electricity, the internet, heat, AC and water. We’re still good. Have some iced tea and read a good book. Learn a new hobby, or language. YouTube videos and Apps make these things possible. Sit in the yard and enjoy the breeze. Take this time to find joy in the simple things you are usually too busy to notice.

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Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell my work, with a lot of ocean themes, on the site.

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