After Dorian: We Dodged a Bullet and Are Thankful

gorgeous Florida sunset

We took a drive on Thursday after Dorian had left our area in Florida just to see if the coast had held up okay. We didn’t get over to the beaches, but drove along Riverside Drive on the ICW / River.

I got these photos out the truck window as we drove. Except for dead palm fronds blown off the trees, we didn’t see any damage. Before the storm all talk is about getting ready. After this one we are all thankful and thinking of the poor souls in the Bahamas.

waterside park, Menard May Florida
Menard-May Park
mess from Dorian
Dead palm fronds cleared from the trees seem to be our biggest clean up worry
House boarded up with plywood for Hurricane Dorian
House boarded up with plywood for Hurricane Dorian
South Causeway and Indian River view from Riverside Drive
Metal shutters on windows
Metal shutters on house

The Black Dolphin Inn on Riverside Drive in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Black Dolphin Inn
Black Dolphin Inn

I had to look this one up, but the little red building hidden among the trees across from the South Causeway bridge is the new Riverpark Terrace Restaurant. Check out the video in their “gallery” section at this link, because the place looks pretty interesting.

Riverpark Terrace restaurant
Riverpark Terrace Restaurant
south causeway
The South Causeway in New Smyrna Beach

September and October are often busy months for hurricanes so we will leave our shutters up, like many other people. I think I can safely say that Floridians have breathed a sigh of relief after this one. And the power stayed on! After suffering through Hurricane Irma, that was the best gift of all. That, and this beautiful sky.

gorgeous Florida sunset
Dorian left behind one gorgeous sunset

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2 thoughts on “After Dorian: We Dodged a Bullet and Are Thankful”

  1. Yes, we lucked out this time. So sad about the Bahamas. I can’t image sitting through that storm for days! From now on I think we will all worry about not only a hurricane, but a stalled hurricane.

  2. Interested to see the shuttered and boarded houses. Glad that Dorian pretty much passed you by, but sadly it really wrecked the Bahamas.

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