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seashell wall art

Now that my seashell collection has been ramped up immensely (see my previous post) I decided to make more posters in my Zazzle store Seashells by Millhill.

You may recognize some of the shells in this poster. The big white shell is a knobbed whelk and the brown spirals of a lightning whelk can be seen at the bottom. Above that, the brown swirl is the top of a West Indian Crown Conch. They differ from the crown conchs I find locally because they are rounder and much smoother without all the spikes forming a “crown”.

Metal Poster Wall Art

The seashells are my own. I photographed them and then digitally enhanced the images but kept the true colors. The color print is 20 x 24 inches, and the black and white is 20 x 30 inches.

At the top of the photo the large purple and pink scallop shell provides the color for this image. Behind it is the inside of a murex, which is also a lovely pink. The spotted cowry is showing it’s teeth, and a couple of fighting conch shells appear at the bottom. One “arm” of a starfish / sea star is draped across the whelk.

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My seashell store was started with photos of my favorite shells. That was quite a few years ago. I have not been inclined to dig out my shells and arrange them to photograph until recently. Even so, many pictures of shells can be found for sale online and in shops so the competition is great. I guess it’s why I don’t bother.

Florida and the tropics provide warm waters where amazing mollusks reside. Each is unique and builds it’s own spectacular home (the shell). I enjoy sharing the beautiful works of these sea snails and I hope you enjoy them as well.

Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell my work, with a lot of ocean themes, on the site.

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