Gator Bites And Bay Scallops For Lunch

bay scallops dinner

At Goodrich’s Restaurant the other day my son ordered the gator bites appetizer. He said we should order more gator because there are far too many of them around.  Who likes alligators?  They are creepy.  For some reason I don’t like the idea of eating one.  But my son highly recommends them as appetizers.

bay scallops dinner
Bay scallops and lots of fried stuff

I stuck with my bay scallops, which were yummy.  Also on the menu are frog’s legs.  I don’t see myself eating those either.

Goodrich’s menu is very “southern” with items such as grits, black-eyed peas and po’ boys on the menu.  Surprisingly they do offer New England Clam Chowder!  Lots of seafood like oysters, clam strips, shrimp, crab, scallops and fish (the catch of the day).  They also serve burgers and chicken.

For a place located in the middle of nowhere – Oak Hill is not exactly a hoppin’ place – Goodrich’s is always busy.  We chose to go in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday because of that.

fried gator bites
Gator Bites

We’d heard that Goodrich’s had sustained damage to their deck and docks from Hurricane Irma back in September 2017. This was our first visit since then.

I was trying to remember exactly how it had looked on our last visit, and finally I asked the waitress what was new, and she said the entire deck had to be rebuilt.   In fact, if you look at the video on their website you can see all the things that are missing now.  Gone are the thatched umbrellas, and the new roof now covers the entire deck, which allows for more covered seating areas.  No more picnic tables either.  The furniture is heavy-duty plastic.

She also said that the only reason it was already replaced is that some of the employees had done it. It seems the wait for hurricane repairs is still long.

new deck and overhang at Goodrich's
View south from the new deck at Goodrich’s Restaurant

Looking south in my photo above you can just see another long dock which has not been fixed.  And beyond that is the Seminole Rest historic site.

There is a place to tie off the boat if you choose that way to come eat, but the old dock is gone with only the pilings left. Maybe they will rebuild that too, but building a dock can’t be easy.

posts where the dock was
The old dock is gone thanks to the hurricanes and storms of 2017.

Although these water-view restaurants are fantastic places to eat – what better view? It must be tough when a storm, or God forbid a hurricane, comes through. Another old favorite place to eat on the water was the Sea Harvest in New Smyrna. That building is still sitting empty, but it did look like someone was re-building that one the last time we passed it in our boat.

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5 thoughts on “Gator Bites And Bay Scallops For Lunch”

  1. I was born in Massachusetts and am a New Englander at heart even though I’ve spent more of my life in Florida. I lived in New Hampshire for 11 years and left because I could not afford to live there. Otherwise, that is where I would be.
    I also could go without eating meat, but seafood I do love. I am more heartless than you. I not only eat shrimp I will put a live one on a hook to catch a fish. But some of the fish we catch are so beautiful (Redfish in particular are gorgeous) that I am happy to let them swim away.

  2. Actually, I am the same (and I don’t eat fish or meat anyways). Even before I went full veggie, a child I refused to eat rabbit or duck. I had pet rabbits and I thought were wonderful, on a lake not on a plate. I have never tired shrimp because I cant get over their little faces and legs. Shrimp flavoured crisps (or chips as you’d call them) are as far I go. So, you are not a southerner, then? Which part of the states are you originally from?

  3. I did try one piece of gator… he made me eat it… hahaha… and it wasn’t bad. I couldn’t get over the fact it was gator meat, so I stopped at one. I’m not adventurous when it comes to eating weird things. These southerners will eat all kinds of wildlife. I once attended a cookout where they fried up gopher turtle. I did not try any of that – I love turtles. BTW those turtles / tortoises are now protected here in Florida.

  4. Didn’t you try one of the gator bites? I was waiting to hear what they were like (although I am a vegetarian I am still interested). I think I agree with your son, its a good use of the scary creatures, better than being turned into a handbag, I suppose.

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