There’s Something in the Sand, Crabs, Crowds, and Yikes!

A trip to the beach means dealing with crowds, crabs and something hidden beneath the sand.

crowded beach drive on

Our trip to New Smyrna Beach today told me that summer is here. Kids are out of school, and trips to the beach pick up. Tourists are free to bring the family and they certainly do. All those white bodies, with red sunburned shoulders, are a sure sign that tourism is booming here in Florida.  This is Friday morning for Pete’s sake.

crowded beach drive on
Summer Crowds at New Smyrna Beach

We wanted to go out on the boat, but the ramp we usually use was full. No place to park the boat trailer. We checked out a couple more, but they were very busy too. Friday is the new weekend it seems. With many companies going to a 4-day work week, it might be best to avoid going out on Fridays as well as weekend days. Since we were dressed for outdoors, sunscreen and all, we decided to go to the beach.  We took the boat home and headed over the causeway.
We drove on at Flagler Ave. right behind a lifeguard / beach patrol truck. And it was crowded. We drove way down toward the jetty, and found a more sparsely populated spot to park.

Ghost crab on the beach
Ghost Crab (I think) on the beach

The tide was way out and going out further, so we had a lot of beach. Right away we saw Ghost crabs scurrying around. At least I think they are called Ghost crabs. One, in particular was near us, and I got some photos and video of him.
Then we went in the water. As I was coming back in from cooling off, I saw my son pulling a fishing line up out of the sand. Many people fish along the shore, and this was a piece that had been left / lost by a fisherman.
But at the end, buried beneath the sand, was this huge hook!

big fishing hook found under the beach sand
Big Fish Hook – found under the sand!

Hey… this is why I wear beach shoes when I go in the water! Look at the size of that hook. I hate fishing on the beach, for precisely this reason. My son always does it – fishes at the beach – but I am opposed. There are many other places to fish. Leave the beaches to the swimmers.  Imagine that thing stuck in the bottom of your foot… I feel woozy just thinking about it.

portable bathroom, porta-potty
Porta-potty… just in case

Unrelated in every way, but just in case someone has to really go to the bathroom… port-a-potties are at the exit.  FYI everyone.

Author: Pam

Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell my work, with a lot of ocean themes, on the site.

4 thoughts on “There’s Something in the Sand, Crabs, Crowds, and Yikes!”

  1. When you have kids you will do anything to keep them busy, and going to the beach is a great way to tire them out! Haha… but now that my kids are grown, I will be more choosy about when and where I go to enjoy the ocean. I NEVER go on the weekends. And now it seems that Friday’s are almost as bad.
    Thanks for the nice comment.

  2. I’ve never understood going to the beach in the summer – especially in hot climates. I am in SC and so many go to the SC coast in summer. Standard question: “When are you going to the beach?” We avoid the beach like the plague in summer – it is miserably hot and mobbed with people – not our idea of enjoyment…at all. haha. We love the beach in early fall and late spring – it is warm but not hot, the crowds are gone, etc. But I guess many go to the beach in summer related to kids being off school. But since we don’t have kids, we don’t have that schedule to follow…. : ) Love all your beach posts.

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