Early Morning Visit to Beachside

This morning I had the urge to drive over to the beach. I live close enough now that I can do it, so I should! But the weather was cool and cloudy so I didn’t go for a walk, just got a few photos on my phone.

Heading over the causeway to beachside
27th Ave. parking lot

The parking lots, like this one, now charge people to park there! But, as a resident of Volusia County I can get a Free pass, which I plan to do soon. If the tide is high, I would prefer to park in a lot and not on the beach when I go for my morning walk.

Sunrise over the Atlantic

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  1. adventures says:

    I love Volusia County! It’s nice to find a neighbor blogger 🙂 We’re in Ormond Beach.


    1. Dustytoes says:

      Hey there Chrissy, nice to meet ya! I checked out your blog, and see you live beachside… lucky you…! I am about a mile inland in Edgewater.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. adventures says:

        Ah yes, we are seaside 🙂 Although, I’m sure living on the mainland has its perks too.


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