Eating at the Dolphin View

For a while the old Sea Harvest restaurant was the “Dolphin View” and this is my review from a visit there back when it was open.

dolphin view restaurant
(UPDATE: The Dophin View has gone out of business and this blue building is currently empty.)

(*This place has closed down not long after I wrote this post.)

The Dolphin View riverside restaurant in New Smyrna used to be the Sea Harvest.  (As you can tell after reading this post, I was not highly impressed by the Dolphin View, and apparently I was not alone.)

I was out house-hunting and stopped to get some lunch to-go.  I stood in line outside to order, and it was HOT.  With only one group of customers in front of me, I still waited a while to order.  It was Saturday, and well before lunch time, so there were few patrons. As I stood there sweating, at least I could watch the weekend parade of boats head by.  Most were going north (to Disappearing Island?) up towards Ponce Inlet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.21.54 AM
Deck at The Dolphin View Seafood Restaurant

Even with big fans going out on the deck, it was too hot to wait for the food outdoors.  I still had a nice view of the Intracoastal Waterway inside where it was cool. As we watched the boats of all sizes go by, this one (below) caught my eye with the dog standing on the front, happy as can be.

dog on boat
A family and their dog enjoy a day on the water

Taking the food all the way home was probably a mistake, as the oysters were soggy by the time I ate. The meal came with one hushpuppy, fries (many) and coleslaw – those were the two sides I chose. The single little hush puppy was included. Whoopee! I was unimpressed by the $20.00 meal.
When the place was the Sea Harvest they were known for their huge and delicious grouper sandwiches. I don’t think the Dolphin View even offers grouper. I chose the fried oysters because I honestly didn’t seen anything else that interested me. And the oysters were not all that flavorful. I would not get them again. I guess I am more of a clam lover.

Maybe when the weather cools off, and if we live closer, we can go eat on the deck sometime. I love to eat by the water and there are a lot of waterside restaurants to choose from.  I hate to be too hard on a place after eating there just once.

*Update: I look forward to a new, and hopefully good, eatery going in here.  The river view is wonderful, and all it needs is some great food to go along with it.

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