Our Visit to Seminole Rest in Oak Hill

house structure seminole rest historic site
Homestead at Seminole Rest – “Instone House”

We happened to be in the Oak Hill area a week or so ago and first ate lunch at Goodrich’s, then visited Seminole Rest. The location of ancient Indian shell mounds is a protected area which is now part of the National Park Service.

Florida has shell mounds in many places which were left by the Indians who inhabited the state and lived off shell fish, along with fish other types of food. Because of the high use of shellfish, big mounds of discarded shells have become protected areas. In Seminole Rest, two houses sit atop the mound site, which is actually two separate mounds.

The photos on this page are mine, and are not free to use.

Seminole Rest
The “Caretaker’s House” at Seminole Rest

This is not a large area.  It’s a quick walk along cement pathways that wind past twisted, gnarly trees.  It’s a quick walk along the shoreline and out to the new-looking dock on the property. The day we visited was very hot, so it was a quick visit. We didn’t even read the signs set up along the path or go into the house, which I believe serves as the Visitor Center. Someone was sitting on the porch, and the lights were on. The extreme heat made us just want to run back to the car’s AC.

In this photo you can see Goodrich’s restaurant where we ate a delicious seafood lunch sitting on the deck by the river. (It’s that flat building in my photo.)  Although it was HOT, the sea breeze made sitting outside for lunch bearable.

Oak hill Goodrich's
View to the north – Goodrich’s Restaurant

The house names and other information I am sharing here came from looking up the info online.  I’d like to go back when the weather is nicer and go into the house.

Obviously the two houses have been updated with bright yellow paint and red roofs.  It certainly is unusual to see a house built on a hill along the Florida coast.  Click on the link below to see pictures of these structures in more rundown condition.

Read more about Seminole Rest at the National Park Service website pdf, and get more info such as directions, hours and history.


Instone house sits on the Indian River
View of Instone House From the Dock

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