Salt Water in Your Backyard Swimming Pool

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Salt Water is Easy on the Eyes

The only way to live well in the sweltering Florida climate is to have cool water to jump into close by.  For most, that means a backyard swimming pool.  These days, many homeowners choose to have a salt-water pool.  If this doesn’t sound appealing, then read on.  I’m about to change your mind.

First, if you have a normal pool with fresh water, you will know that it must be maintained with chlorine.  There are various ways to add chlorine to the water, but if you don’t maintain the pH of the water, it will turn green.  Swimming in it will be unhealthy.  Too much chlorine and it will smell, and getting water in your eyes will sting.

When I lived in Florida we had a typical in-ground pool and we bought big chlorine tablets to add to the water filter.  We tested the water to check the safety and often had a lot of trouble clearing up the green, which happened often after it rained.  Anyone who has such a pool, will be familiar with having to “shock” it occasionally.  Chemicals are added to bring the pH back to normal.

I had already left Florida to live in the northeast by the time salt-water pools were becoming popular.  Since then I have gone back to Florida to visit and had the opportunity to swim in a salt-water pool.  It was lovely.  The homeowner was very happy with the low maintenance and overall feel of the water.   The water is easy on the skin and eyes too.  There is no harsh chlorine to burn and dry out skin, and salt-water is easy on clothing too.  Money is saved when all those chlorine tablets go bye-bye.

Swimming in a salt-water pool is not like swimming in the ocean.  Sea water is super salty and leaves a rough coating on the skin.  A salt-water pool uses salt to convert to chlorine, which leaves the water much less salty.  After swimming in a salt-water pool, skin feels soft and smooth.  It’s really amazing!

Regular swimming pools with fresh water can be converted to salt-water.  There are many companies that will convert the system to use salt as a chlorinator.  If a new pool is being built, any reputable pool builder can design and build it.  It’s the salt chlorine generator that is used for salt-water pools that will need to be installed.  The system itself is quite expensive, around $2,000 on average.  But pays for itself with health and lifestyle benefits and enjoyment.

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  1. If you use above ground pool. A salt water system price is not expensive. It is under 200$.

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