Turkey Wing Shell Coloring Page

Turkey wing
Print this coloring page to use for homeschool or personal use.

The turkey wing seashell is a bivalve (hinged shell that comes in two parts) and is white with brown zigzag stripes. It is also known as a ‘zebra ark’. The ark shells are elongated and shaped almost like a rectangle. The turkey wing is generally 2 or 3 inches in length and is one of the most easily recognizable seashells in a collection or on the beach because of it’s coloring and shape.

The turkey wing shell can be found along almost any Florida beach, but are probably easiest to find along the Gulf and Keys.  See a picture of my turkey wing shells on this blog post.

Please enjoy this drawing as an educational print out, or fun coloring page.

*Please note that all photography on this site is mine, and is not free to use! Coloring page printables are free for PERSONAL use only.

Please contact me if you have a question.


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