Pictures of Cone Shells

cone shell
Cone Shell by gadost0 at Pixabay

The cone shell is recognizable by it’s somewhat flattened spiral / spire at the top. Some cone snails are deadly, not only to prey but to humans as well. The geographic cone snail can grow to be six inches long, and it’s venom can be fatal to humans. Ironically, some of those toxins can be used as pain-killing medications.

Here’s a bit of fun info concerning cone shells:  Puka shells are really little pieces from cone shells.  The ocean is scoured for round sections to make necklaces – if you buy a REAL puka shell necklace.  Mostly puka shell necklaces are fakes, but they are still unique.

There are over 500 types of cone snail. The photo above came from the Pixabay site and I don’t know exactly what type of shell it is, but I am guessing it’s in the cone snail family because of it’s shape.

Watch Nat Geo’s “World’s Weirdest – Killer Cone Snail” short YouTube video to see how this sea creature captures and kills it’s dinner.

Cone shells are loved by collectors as they contain beautiful colors and patterns.

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