Found a Picture of a Junonia

I’ve written about the junonia seashell before.  It’s a striking shell that is easy to recognize. The big brown spots stand out against the lighter, cream color of the shell, and it’s a prized treasure among beachcombers.

I contribute to the Pixabay site, and use many of the free photos and graphic images they offer when I write and design.  I use more than I contribute because I am not a great photographer.  I also need a nice smartphone that would make it easier to upload my images.  As I was looking around the site one day I came across this photo.

Scaphella junonia spotted seashell
Junonia Seashell in Sand

It was uploaded to Pixabay by Stux but the junonia tag wasn’t used. So I told him I thought it was a Scaphella junonia, and he looked it up from there. I see he hasn’t yet added the tag to his image. It would help it to be found, maybe. And I wonder if he took the picture?

I thought I would share it here on my site. It’s free to download, so if you have need of a junonia picture, click on Stux’s name which will take you to the seashell page. He has uploaded almost 4,000 pictures to the site, and you’ll find more pictures of sea life on Pixabay as well.


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