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Multi photo vacation cards
Send 6 Pictures to Family and Friends

Family photo cards are very popular, as everyone loves to share pictures! This fun greeting is printed on quality invitation paper and has six photo templates to customize. It’s so much better than sending a postcard. Say hello with pictures taken on your summer beach vacation.

Of course sharing by e-mail and smart phone and online photo sharing sites is one way to do so, but a card is much more personal. It means you went to a bit of trouble in order to create the correspondence. And a card can be posted to the fridge. It can become a keepsake for grandparents, relatives and friends. Whereas online photos are quickly replaced with new activities, actual photos can be added to photo albums, and won’t disappear when the computer crashes.

This card is easy to create.  Click on the card and you’ll see the templates (photo holders) where you can exchange each sample picture for one of your own.  Also customize the text in the center with a family name and date, or any text.  Once it all looks good, order it!

The card above was originally made as a Christmas card last season. It contained a plain blue background and some different filler photos. When I posted it for sale in my Holiday Store it was popular, and I sold many. Big families especially love the multi-photo cards. But recently I sold a set of these as Christmas cards. The buyer obviously is not using them as holiday greetings at this time of year, and they must have gone into the ‘customize’ area to make it work for their needs. The sale made me realize that the photo cards could work well as vacation cards, or as every day greetings. I should make them ready to use for customers who are searching for such a thing.

Once Christmas is over, I tend to forget about my holiday store until mid-summer, when I begin to update for the new season. Photo cards can be used to simply send a greeting to friends far away. They are a wonderful way to personally share photos of the family, new baby, new pet, or a special event such as a graduation. Now I am making more of this 6-photo card in hopes that people will find it useful for occasions other than Christmas.

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  1. Really nice template! I like the idea of selling such template and if we are too busy to create our own then it is easier to visit zazzle to buy the template for the cards 🙂

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