A Polyvore Creation: Packing for the Beach

things to take to the beach

Pack up That Beach Bag

I had fun on the Polyvore site making this image depicting what to pack in a beach bag.  I’ll explain more about Polyvore in a minute.

Going to the beach requires packing wisely. What you’ll need will depend on what you plan to be doing at the beach. Packing also depends on if you are on a long vacation and are staying in a hotel right on, or near the shore. You’ll need to take fewer items if your “home” is just a few steps away.

For the perfect beach day, where resting in one sunny spot for hours on end is the plan, sunscreen, drinking water, and sandals are the very least of what you will need. The sand can burn your feet! Many people read on the beach, so take a book, or paper to write a note, or sketch a picture. Sunglasses are an obvious necessity, and binoculars might be fun.

A cover-up of some sort is something I would take if I decided to head up to the boardwalk, or go for a walk along the water’s edge. The young people look fine in their bikinis, but my body in a swimsuit is not all that attractive any longer! But on Florida’s beaches, you needn’t worry as pretty much anything goes. It is quite amazing at how uninhibited people of all sizes feel among the throngs of beach-goers. Everyone can feel at home on a Florida beach.

Polyvore is a site I discovered from posts in the Zazzle forum, where I work. Those of us who sell online are constantly looking for creative outlets to show off our products. I looked into Polyvore as an option, and although I don’t believe it is bringing me many sales, the site is a lot of fun. It’s too much fun. I would find myself spending hours making a set, like the two I’ve included in this post.

It’s a social site for fashion mainly, from what I can gather. I am not a fashionista by any means, but the creativity of the participants is interesting. Also many boards feature items for the home. Some are done as an art form. The premise of the site is to find items you like and then group them together as a collage in sets and collections. Presumably they will be items that interest you, but mostly they are like wish lists with images.  I occasionally include something I sell (like the little keychain in the top set).

To participate you sign up at the Polyvore site. Drag the “clipper” to your tool bar which lets you grab items off the internet to showcase in sets.  Or find things to “like” around the site and use those things in your own sets.  There is a list of ‘how-to’s’ and do’s and don’ts in the help area that can answer questions.  The best thing to do is travel around the site and see what other’s are doing, then play around until you get the hang of it.

Here’s one of my attempts at designing a whimsical collage.

whimsical polyvore collage

Song on the Wind

2 thoughts on “A Polyvore Creation: Packing for the Beach

  1. Laura

    Glad to discover your blog a few weeks ago. I’m a life long beachcomber. As a child/teen I loved looking for smoothed glass on the shores of Lake Erie (lived in NY state), or for shells on the Florida coast on yearly vacations. I live in South Carolina now, and most of my recent years beach combing is in SC. Not nearly as good as Florida!! I find Folly Beach the best place in SC.

    When beach combing, do you have a special bag/bucket/whatever you collect your shells in?? After all these yrs, I don’t have a method. I usually end up putting the shells in the pocket of my beach cover-up, or in a plastic bag I acquired, or whatever else will “make do” like a plastic cup from the hotel room!


    1. Dustytoes

      Hi Laura, nice to meet you, and thanks for reading my blog. I am like you. I usually use a sandwich bag to store my shells to take home. On the east coast of Florida the shells are scarce so I don’t usually end up with too many at a time. Now Sanibel would be another story! Thanks for sharing your beach combing experience.


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