Don’t Let The Other Guys Win

votingWe are lucky to have the privilege of voting. When I was young I barely paid attention to politics of any kind, and usually I only voted in the presidential election. Even then I was very uninformed. I let other people tell me who I should vote for and I followed the advice of friends. I think they were just as uninformed as I was. We voted because of ridiculous qualities that had nothing to do with how well the President could run things.

It’s sad to say that it’s not just a problem with young people. There are many older people who are just as uninformed. In fact many younger voters are very well informed. But many people of all ages vote for politicians because of ridiculous qualities that have nothing to do with how well he or she will run things.  Or they vote for one thing they stand for, when there is much more to think about.

People tend to get their news from one source. The source they are used to, and stick with, even if that source is biased. Trying to put all the information about the candidates in perspective is not easy. But we can at least try to find out the truth behind those running for office if we are leaning toward voting for them.

At least that is what I would like to think. These days the country is more divided than ever. You can see it in the extremely close races playing out across the nation. The Democrats are absolutely stuck on their ideas, and the Republicans are absolutely against them. It’s become us against them, and the politicians really don’t matter all that much, the way I see it. And it’s too bad. Good people will get voted out, and bad people will get voted in. Just vote for your preferred party, so the other guys don’t win! At least that is the feeling I get.

Tomorrow I will do my part and go downtown to the town hall and cast my vote. I’ll stand in line with people who have the same, and opposite, opinions as I do, and we’ll all try to come out on top.  That’s voting.  And we all must do it if we want the right to complain about the outcome.  Although I am feeling disconnected and disheartened by the process, I want life to get better, and if there is a slim chance it can, then I want to be a part of it.

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