Get Out On The Water in a Gheenoe

Gheenoe 2
Gheenoe 2 (Photo credit: jspeaks)

Sport fishing is a favorite pastime in Florida and the fish are plentiful.  Fishing from shore is easy enough, but getting out on the water means spending money (lots of money) on a boat.  Or does it?

When I was in Florida this past summer my son’s friend had come by to go fishing at our rental house on the ICW. He works at Boston Whaler in Edgewater, and the boys got to talking about boats. My son doesn’t have a bunch of money, but would love to have an affordable boat to get out to the little islands all up and down the coast and do some fishing.  His friend mentioned a Gheenoe, saying it was a “glorified canoe”. It’s small and affordable with a motor and a good setup wouldn’t cost much more than $5,000 – with the motor and all.  They are made right in Titusville, Florida.

It sounded perfect for what my son wanted to do.  During the summer, my son looked into it more and visited a place in Maitland which sells the Gheenoe.  He ended up with one and loves it.  It’s like a canoe, but with a motor, and options to make additions, like comfy seats, lights, etc., and he says it handles big waves very well.  He’s come across some fast moving yachts in areas of the ICW which have caused giant swells for him to navigate, and he’s done so without a problem.  He even caught his first Redfish not too long ago.

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Spending time on the water is the best, and blogging about the sea life found along the saltwater river and ocean is what I do. I’m also a designer at Zazzle and sell my work, with a lot of ocean themes, on the site.

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  1. Thanks for the comment Greg. I used to live near there for many years but never knew about the Gheenoe.

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