Seashells That Are Pink

seashell collection on glass plate

Want to make a seashell collection of only pink shells? Then you must search the sand for some small shells like the Rose Petal Tellin. This one is a rosy pink both inside and out. It’s a bivalve and lives under the sand in the ocean, but the shells can be washed up on shore. Other tellin shells can have streaks of pink, but the Rose Petal (Tellin lineata) is the one that will be an all-over pink.  In Florida the rose colored tellin can be found mainly on the southern beaches, but it is possible to find them farther north.

Certain scallop shells can be very pretty and you may find some that are pinkish.  The Zigzag scallop (Euvola ziczac) has purplish zigzag lines over a variety of pink, purple, and peach background colors.  The calico scallop is usually more of a purple, but the light red ones can pass as pink. 

The little coquina clams come in a wide assortment of colors and pink ones could be found, but they are so small, you’d certainly need to do a lot of searching to fill a little jar with only the pink ones.

queen conch shells
Queen Conchs are pretty pink inside

Some seashells have “pink” in their title and therefore are naturally pink, at least in part.  The Pink Conch is also known as the Queen Conch and and it has a beautiful pink color especially on the inside opening.  The Pink Murex has lines of light pink throughout it’s white shell.

Shells can also turn color after the animal inside dies and the shell sits around for a while in the air.  They can turn pink during that time, or brownish.  Shells buried in the sand for long periods can become black.  Shells can also fade and bleach out from sitting in the sun too.  Young mollusks make shells that may look different from what they will be like as full grown snails and they may be pink at one point.

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