Florida Vacation Rental Review, Part 4

outdoor hot tub
About The Hot Tub

I made this picture large so you don’t miss the big, white hand in the background. Hmmmmmmm. I really have nothing more to say about that, but it was in the front yard of our Fisherman’s Cottage rental property.

The front yard (water side) is also where we found the hot tub. As you can see the cover is too large and it’s torn. Not in good shape – just like much of the rest of the place. It was the end of June when we rented this house in New Smyrna Beach so it was way too hot to consider going in the hot tub – and I knew that tub was full of the nasty water… yuk… who wants to soak in that?

The information pages sent to me the week of our stay (the day before I flew down to Florida) says that the floater in the hot tub needs to be refilled with chlorine tablets. So now, we have to maintain the hot tub too? In fact I was having instant coffee (made with bottled water heated in the microwave) in the front room early one morning and noticed a man outside the window opening the hot tub. I assume he was maintaining it. I had my jammies on so I did not talk with him.

We also had to put the trash out.  The directions said, “Please roll the blue trash cans to the end of the driveway”.  They don’t mention that the driveway is really the entire bumpy dirt road leading in to the house – and it’s quite a haul!

Once again, all this info would have been good to know before our commitment to renting.

So, after all this (have you read all my posts?) did I complain?  You bet I did.

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