Lunch at Breakers on Flagler Ave.

New Smyrna Beach

Our view from the window bar seat at Breakers at Flagler Ave.

Lucky me, I had the chance this summer to visit my old stomping grounds in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I met up with a friend who wanted to head out to Flagler Ave. and have some lunch and see the sights.

It was the week before the July 4th holiday and I think people had begun vacation early because the area was quite packed for a middle of the day week-day. We drove into Breaker’s tiny parking lot and miraculously got a spot right outside the back door.

We found our seats at the wooden bar with perfect views of the beach and ocean. Before we ordered our food, a storm moved in and the beach patrol was getting everyone out of the water. It didn’t amount to much and we ended up driving onto the beach, after our meal, and headed down to the jetty at Ponce Inlet.

Breakers Restaurant is a favorite with the locals and tourists alike.  It nearly washed into the sea during the hurricanes of 2004, but thankfully it was refurbished and is as good as new.  The pink building with the best view on any beach still serves up a mean (and delicious) fish sandwich.

You can see more of my pictures on my page Plan a Florida Beach Vacation.

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