Seashell Identification Charts For Florida Shellers

I visit the “i love shelling” blog from time to time to see what vacationers to Sanibel Island, and the writer herself, have been finding along the Gulf Coast beach.

On one visit I found a chart for sale to identify shells.  But now the link no longer works… so…..

So, instead I will direct you to her page about identifying seashells common to the area.

I also have a page about Collecting Seashells and the types of shells you may find.

5 thoughts on “Seashell Identification Charts For Florida Shellers

    1. Dustytoes

      I don’t know anything about grading seashells, but since it seems it would be collectors who know such things, I would search for one.

  1. Brenda Reeves

    I visited a friend in Florida and couldn’t believe all of the shells on the beach. You don’t see that on the CA beaches where I’m from.

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