Seashell Identification Charts For Florida Shellers

seashell identification chart

“i love shelling” Blog’s Brilliant Idea

I visit the “i love shelling” blog from time to time to see what vacationers to Sanibel Island, and the writer herself, have been finding along the Gulf Coast beach.
My latest visit turned up a new product. It’s a waterproof seashell identification guide sheet with fabulous shell pictures with their names. Take it along on your next trip to the beach and know immediately what you have found!
I was so impressed that I contacted Pam, who writes the blog and is selling the guide, to ask permission to list it here. I figured since it’s a promo for her product she wouldn’t mind, but I like to ask. She was thrilled, and also sounded very busy. Living in a climate where the weather is fine year round tends to keep you busy.

I also have a page about Collecting Seashells and the types of shells you may find.


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