Stop by Bealls and Pick Up The Greatest Cup Ever

tervis tumblers seashells
My Seashell Tervis Cups

Bealls department store was one of my favorite southern stores. It was one of the only places I saw loads of the Tervis Tumblers for sale. It was also close to my home so I didn’t have to go to the mall. I really dislike malls.

I got turned on to the Tervis brand cup when my husband was given one as an office Christmas gift. It had an image of palm trees – a typical tropical scene – and it was made of heavy duty plastic, but other than that we looked at each other and shrugged. A cup? Okay, nice enough, but we both thought it was a bit of a strange gift.

Little did we know! The short cup with the handle, which is the type he got as a gift, cost close to $20. Yes, for one! But, what we didn’t know was that it is one of the most awesomely made cups around. This is my personal opinion and I don’t work for the company or anything like that.  It is a good quality drinkware item so I wanted to share this info.  I do own a couple of sets of Tervis’s and I’ve had some of them for over 20 years now.  You can see pictures on the article linked above.

Their best feature is the non-sweating design. With 2 layers of plastic (and an image in between) they are virtually non-dripping, which is excellent for using them in a very hot, muggy climate. I bought mine when I lived in Florida and it seems that they are not well known outside of the southern areas. Of course we don’t need them as badly up in the northeast, but they can also be used for boiling water for tea and coffee. They are pretty much indestructible and that is what makes them so expensive. They will last forever – and if something does go wrong – they have a lifetime guarantee! You can read more about Tervis on my other page – and see all the new designs (there are tons!) too.

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