The Rocky Beaches of Florida

beachesI never expected to see a rocky beach in Florida. It’s known for it’s lack of rocks. When digging a hole, you won’t hit a boulder or even smaller rocks.  That is because the state is made mostly of sand. In Florida the beach sand can be compromised of quartz (white sand), limestone, bits of shells and animal parts, among other things.  Chunks of limestone made up of these things can be found in the sea and in some areas, along the coast.

At Blowing Rocks Preserve on Jupiter Island, on the southeastern Atlantic side, part of the coast does not have the typical flat, sandy beaches we get accustomed to in Florida.  As you can see in this picture from Wikipedia and in the video below, the rocky formations can be seen along the shore and out in the water.  Snorkeling would be a wonderful pastime to enjoy here!

More places in Florida to see these unusual outcroppings of limestone deposits include Washington Oaks State Park and in the Florida Keys.

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