Five Things I Want to Do on My Florida Vacation

English: Aerial view of New Smyrna Beach, Flor...
English: Aerial view of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, from the observation deck, top of the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse from across Ponce Inlet. (maximum zoom) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t have a date set yet. The plane tickets are not purchased, but I do plan to get back to my old stomping grounds in central Florida one day soon. When I have the beach house or condo rented, I will begin to plan my excursions around the area where I used to live. Some of them I will get to do, and others I might not, but there are five things I will do once I’m back down south.

Now, honestly, these may not be at the top of your Florida vacation list and some are personal to me, but I decided to share the list with you just in case.

Number 1:  Swim, and boogie board, in the ocean.  I will do this only if I visit when the weather is warm enough.  Some hardy northerners will swim in cold Florida water because they are used to doing so, but I like 80 degree ocean water.  I plan to stay in a place on the ocean.  Not across the street from the ocean, on the beach.  If it’s too cool to swim I will take walks along the shore.

Number 2: Go out on a boat in the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) and maybe go fishing, but definitely explore the little islands along the waterway and search for seashells!  I’ll have to rent a boat, and I’ve found places where I can do that. Backwater Marine is one, which is where we bought our Pontoon boat many years ago.  Disappearing Island, near the Ponce Inlet lighthouse is a great place to hang out for a few hours.

Number 3: Go to Pells Nursery and buy fresh orange and grapefruit juice.  I used to live just down the road from this place and we were there often to buy fruit and veggies and perennials for the yard.

Number 4: Eat at Norwoods, The Breakers and The Sea Harvest which are all in New Smyrna Beach.  Get ice cream from our favorite place on RT. 44 and maybe visit the Harley Davidson shop after.  (It’s across the street.)

Number 5: Drive around the old neighborhoods and see how they have changed.  Florida is one place that changes fast and I know that lots of things have changed since I left in 2005.  I may head over to Sanford and check out the antique shops near Lake Monroe.

I will not go to a theme park.  I have had enough of them to last me a lifetime.  Also they cost a ton of money which I will be spending in other ways.  I will stay away from crowded places and spend my time enjoying what I love most about the state – the nature.

I’d love to get over to Sanibel Island but that is about 4 hours from where I will be, so unless I book a place to stay overnight for one or two nights, I won’t be doing that this trip.  Of course I will visit my friends – as many as I can within the time I am there.  With everyone having such busy lives I hope to arrange times to visit before I get down there.  It’s probably a good idea if I want to see everyone.

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  1. Thanks for linking to our blog about the Florida Springs. I hope your Florida vacation is warm enough to swim but not so hot you just want to stay inside with the a/c running,

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