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English: The cruise ship Celebration when it w...
English: The cruise ship Celebration when it was part of Carnival Cruise Lines docked in Nassau, Bahamas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Going on a cruise is the best time ever for some people and others just don’t like it. I have only been on one cruise and it was a “surprise”, which means my husband decided we would go and since he figured I probably wouldn’t want to, he made it a surprise.  My kids were young and I did not like the idea of being that far removed from them.  That’s why I could not totally enjoy myself.

But, I did enjoy parts of the cruising experience.  The shows were great and our time off the boat were fun.  We went snorkeling in Cozumel and spent a morning on Key West.  We had a couple of friends to hang out with which made it fun too.  I would have liked to have had time to plan and know what to expect going on my first cruise.  I may have enjoyed it more.  A Beginner’s Guide to Cruising brings up the sea-sickness aspect of the trip and other things that are good to know – like bringing your own drinks (non-alcoholic) on board.

If you really want to get a feel for what a cruise would be like, read a blog or article about a real life experience.   Whether it’s a time alone on a honeymoon cruise, a special holiday trip, or a family reunion, every body may want something different from their cruise experience.  Also be aware that cruise lines, and what they offer, can vary widely. My son just went to Nassau on a Carnival cruise ship and was unimpressed.

Food is an important part of cruising and everyone will tell you that it is available day and night.   I imagine that frequent cruisers could easily gain a few pounds!  But most ships have a place to work out and the sheer size of the ships mean you will be doing a lot of walking, so that would help.

Once you have decided that you must try a cruise, then all that is left is to pick a destination or location you wish to visit, and sail away.

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