Types of Murex Shells

Foto de Chicoreus brevifrons (Gastropoda: Neog...
Foto de Chicoreus brevifrons (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Muricidae) del Golfo de Cariaco Estado Sucre – Venezuela (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Murex shells are gastropods.  My seashell reference book lists many shells with “murex” in their name.  Here are a few that would be wonderful to find.


  1. The West Indian Murex (Chicoreus brevifrons) – pictured.
  2. The Florida Lace Murex (Chicoreus florifer dilectus)
  3. Giant Eastern Murex (Muricanthus fulvescens)
  4. Cabrit’s Murex (Murex cabritii)
  5. Apple Murex (Phyllonotus pomum)

A spikey shell is a characteristic of the murex.  In perfect form it will look almost frilly.  I have a large pink murex that I purchased many years ago – maybe 20 – that has only bumps where the spikes used to be.


The Cabrit’s murex has a long “tail” with spaced spikes that are usually broken off by the sand and waves.  Click the link above to see it in perfect form.




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