Do a Seashell Puzzle on a Rainy (or Sunny) Day

When Zazzle began offering puzzles and I saw that the base price for selling was $14.95, I made a few to add to my seashell store, but really wondered if anyone would pay that for a puzzle.
After all, you can pick puzzles up for a quarter at yard sales and even find them for free in the local swap shop.  I hadn’t bought a “new” puzzle in many years.
I really doubted that they would sell. And the larger size is even costlier.
However, I have been proven wrong.
I suppose that the yard sale and other cheap (and used) puzzles may be missing pieces.  And my seashell photography is unique to my stores, so these puzzle pictures can’t be found anywhere else.  Everyone likes a tropical scene, and creating one yourself is fun.
Coastal cottages and beach rentals usually have books and puzzles for their guests.  Everyone needs a way to relax after spending a day in the sun.   We even worked on a puzzle recently when we stayed at an Inn in New Hampshire.  It was set up in the lobby for guests to enjoy.

Puzzles are a calm way to spend time with the family – especially on a rainy day. Shut off the TV and work together to make a little masterpiece.
If you are staying at a beach in a very hot location, the middle of the day is a good time to take a break from the sun. Have a drink and work on a pretty, seashell puzzle.

Here is one of mine.

Beach Shells Tan and White Puzzle
View all our puzzles at Seashells by Millhill


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