If I Was On The Beach Today

Shells, Culdaff Pictured on the beach
Shells, Culdaff Pictured on the beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I was walking along the beach today I would be looking much more intently at the treasures beneath my feet than I did ten years ago.  Shelling has taken on a new meaning for me now.
Going to the beach was a regular activity years ago, but I lived around 30 minutes away. I’ve never been lucky enough (or rich enough) to live on the beach but in Florida you are always fairly close to a beach of some kind. And like so many things we get used to, we don’t appreciate it nearly enough.
I’d be walking at low tide – and hopefully that timing would coincide with few visitors to the area so I’d have the place mostly to myself. (Good luck, right?) And I’d check the seaweed washed up along the water line for hidden things caught in it.
I’d walk with my pants rolled up and my feet in the soft sand near the surf, peering out into the water for any sea life just off shore.
Maybe I’d find some limpet shells like the ones pictured, or maybe I’d find something more interesting and beautiful – like a whole conch or sand dollar. I only know that I would be looking more closely knowing that it was not an activity I can do all the time any longer.
If you are walking on the beach today, enjoy every moment and happy treasure hunting!


3 thoughts on “If I Was On The Beach Today

  1. There’s something so wonderful about being the only one at the beach at low tide. Those limpet shells look so big compared to the ones I find here.

    Yesterday while walking along a trail in the salt marsh I found the biggest Common Northern Moon Snail shell I’ve ever come across. A seagull had likely dropped it there on the rocks but it didn’t crack and the creature inside was already dead. I’ve also found huge sea urchins near rocks in the woods, also likely dropped by a seagull after taking it from the ocean nearby. I don’t know what’s more thrilling: finding a seashell at the beach or in some unexpected place elsewhere near the seashore.


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