Infatuated With The Nautilus Shell

girl holding seashell
Art by Strangeling

The amazing artwork of strangeling, aka Jasmine Becket-Griffith, features the chambered nautilus seashell. The artist admits in the description of the piece pictured here, that she “loves to paint them” and she does a fantastic job of it too!

I am not a painter, and have always loved to see what talented people can do with some brush strokes and I’ll admit that Jasmine’s sea themed pictures are alluring.

Her style is gothic, and although I am not into goth, many of her pieces are so pretty.  I also love the one entitled “By the Seaside” which has two little ocean fairies playing with shells at the shore.

Read more about the Chambered Nautilus sea creature.


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  1. flandrumhill says:

    There is something just so magical about these shells. Wasn’t it one similar to this that Dr. Doolittle sailed in? Have you ever come across the poem about the chambered nautilus by Oliver Wendell Holmes? I have it on my art blog at:


    1. Dustytoes says:

      Amy Lynne,
      I agree, I love the nautilus shell and I am not sure if it’s what Dr. Doolittle sailed in, but it’s very possible. Makes me want to find out! I have seen and read the poem. Thanks for dropping by.


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