Fairy Gardens With a Tropical Theme

fairy garden

The Wee Folk Play in a Mushroom Garden

A popular decorating idea is to create small garden landscapes for the woodland fairies.  I am going to say right here that I don’t believe in little fairies, but I find the concept fun.  As someone who played in a homemade, three-story doll house growing up, I do like to pretend.

Living near the ocean or in a tropical climate means that your fairies get to have gardens with unique features, such as sand and seashells.

Picture your seaside fairy retreat with a white picket fence next to the sandy dunes and maybe a little bench nestled beneath the flowering trees, that you will provide.  The local store will sell small tropical plants and I’m thinking that air plants or bromeliads would look especially lovely. Seashells could be used to make a pathway, as plant holders and even as little houses.  Shallow scallop or cockle shells could be filled with water and used as a little pool.  Use your imagination.  In fact, most of what you need to make a fairy garden could be found outdoors or crafted yourself, if you want to take the time, so it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Most often people choose to incorporate the decor into a herb garden or other pot that holds life-size, usable plantings.  Herbs are popular because they can be cut and used, so the garden won’t become overgrown.

Use your imagination and let the kids help.  Make it in a box or container for inside or make is as part of your outdoor decor, in the big garden or near the front door as a cute welcome to guests.  You can either add your own ceramic fairies, or just wait for the real ones to visit. 😉

Elves and Fairies in Mushroom Land postcard by My Other Planet.

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