A Bouquet Made From Seashells

Seashell bouquet and boutonniere

Bouquet and Boutonniere

While researching tropical bouquets for my Sandpiper Wedding site, I came across a most beautiful craft idea for brides to carry. I’d seen bouquets with starfish and seashells added among the flowers for a beach wedding theme, but had never seen an entire bouquet of seashells! And they are quite lovely. I found a few people at Etsy who made them, and then found this one site – Romantic Flowers – by Kimberly Aurora, and its full of beautiful seashell bouquets.

This bridal bouquet (pictured) is so pretty with the starfish and sundial shells, and it includes a little boutonniere to match. (Kimberly kindly gave me permission to use her photo).

Just another example of what crafty and talented people are doing with seashells! I’m impressed.

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