Christmas In a Warm Climate

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I spent a lot of years celebrating Christmas in a warm climate and although I always wished we could have just a bit of snow for just that one day, it never happened. It doesn’t snow in central Florida – except for the occasional flurry. And when it does that it is the talk of the town!

Each year we’d go to the local Home Depot or Lowes and pick out an expensive (and usually dried out) live Christmas tree to set up. Many years Christmas day was quite warm and we would celebrate with the windows open. One year it was windy enough to blow the tree over and I remember thinking that was a first.

The kids never got new sleds and there were no tobogganing parties Christmas day, but we could drive over to the beach or take the boat out if we wanted. Disney World goes all out for the holidays, but the parks are loaded with tourists so it’s a good time to stay away if you’re a local.

There are some good things to consider about having Christmas in a warm climate. Storms and ice won’t keep you from attending parties and everyone seems to be out and about visiting with neighbors and enjoying the cooler temperatures.

It’s a different way to celebrate and many people love the fact that they won’t have snow in the yard, but personally, I like a white Christmas – although there are no guarantees. I live in the northeast now and at the present time there is no snow on the ground where I live, so will it be a white Christmas this year?  In Florida – no way, but for me there is still a chance.


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  1. My husband and I spent last Christmas with his family in Singapore. I was surprised to see snowflakes, snowmen, and other winter decorations all over the place when it never gets cold there.

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